Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy New (牛) Year

1 minute to Chinese New Year! Wishing everyone a prosperous and healthy Ox year ahead~

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

All the best

Today is a sad day. I couldn't hold my tears for a few times. Only when you lose something, you realised how important it was to you. Sometimes, it's not that you are going to lose it, but you just know it will never be the same again.

However, leaving might not be a bad thing, life goes on. I can only sit here continuing my daily routine and wish all of them Good Luck and All The Best in life~

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lion Dance

One of my favourite thing during Chinese New Year is the Lion Dance. We had it in our office 2 years back, but didn't have it last year because at the time the new social committee wasn't set up yet. So this year (2008/2009), being a social committee member, I strongly pushed for the idea of hiring a Lion Dance troupe to our office, and it was approved!

I prefer the red one.

The lions were good at posing.

I loved it when they danced around the pond, so lively and cute~

They were not just dancing and hopping around, they played with each other, playfully disturbed each other and my colleagues (even my bosses from U.S.), and also fight over the plate of fruits. Everything was part of the play of course, but they did it so funny that amused the audience all time.

The red lion won and got to eat up the fruits.

Fruits got eaten by the lion.

We didn't use this troupe before, I simply google-d 'Lion Dance troupe KL' and Khuan Loke Association Lion Dance Troupe was in the list. They were very punctual - we agreed to start at 3PM, they reached at 2:30PM and discussed with us the route (to go around our office), prepared the fruits and hung the lettuce up the roof. The dance was great and they finished it within the time frame we gave - 1 hour. The people were friendly and polite too. Hope to have them again next year!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Moving house is disaster

I don't understand, why there are SO many things? After hours of unpacking, the boxes there didn't seem to reduce! And those are just half of the stuff we moved in. Ah~

BaiBai and Dagger looked blur and curious about their new home too.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Room sweet room

Since the renovation work has started, I had not have a single good night sleep. Woke up middle of the night worrying about whether the work can be done smoothly or did I miss out anything.

I wanted to move out from here (the current rented place) as soon as possible - so that I don't have to pay more rental to the lousy landlord; so that I don't have to struggle with the blocked kitchen sink every evening (landlord refuse to repair); so that I don't have to come home seeing my car porch full of rubbish thrown over by the kids next door. I gave 2 months notice to the landlord and determined to move out end of January. So I have to make sure (very sure) that my new house renovations will be done by then. Besides calling the contractor everyday to remind him all the little little details (he has too much work I think, always forgetting things), I go to the house to check on the work progress everyday.

The work has been on-going for 2 weeks plus. Finally the interior painting, grills, light & fan fixings are done. And today is the day my bedroom set being delivered :)



Can't wait to sleep in my new room!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Vegetarian anchovies fried rice

1 week holiday is over. Back to the realistic busy working life. Despite daily job, household chores and managing my new house renovations, I still prepare lunchbox to work. It's also good that I finish most of the food at home to make it easier when moving to new house.

I steamed some rice last night, and prepared the ingredients - vegetarian anchovies, sliced mushroom and defrozed mixed vege.

I bet it will be nicer with egg, but didn't plan to replenish any food at home so just make do with whatever I have now.