Monday, April 25, 2011

Ekta Holistic Centre

Yesterday was the soft opening day for Ekta Holistic Centre. The founder Master Surjit Singh Khalsa prefers not to name his centre as a Yoga studio because it provides more than that.

Ekta Holistic Centre is a safe and nurturing place for healing and personal growth. Its mission is to bring understanding of healing with yoga, concentrating more on mind, body and soul with a purpose of bringing us inwards; teaching us to listen to the body and observe the mind.

Friday, April 1, 2011

MY Vegetarian

I've been to their branches at Puchong and Taman Equine. White is the main color of the shops, a clean and bright environment; with paintings of vegetables and fruits hanging on both sides of the walls, making the shops look fresh and appetizing!

It serves a wide variety of food, ranging from snacks, appetizer, set-lunch/dinner, main dishes, rice and noodles, soups, and 'dim sum' too. The food are priced reasonable, the drinks are a little pricey. So I usually order soup and not drinks.