Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ikea white computer desk

It wasn't my plan to buy my computer desk from Ikea. I've surveyed some furniture shops and set my budget at RM250 for a 6 ft long table, just table without drawers or those PC-allocation-parts (CPU space, keyboard drawer, etc).

Last Sunday I went to Ikea to get the pet's poo bag (they used to sell it at very cheap price but I couldn't find it anymore, why they discontinue it? :( ) Disappointedly, we walked to the exit through the store section, then we saw this white computer desk being displayed at the hallway. It's 100cm long and costs RM95 each (RM55 for the table top, and RM10 for each leg of the table - the usual Ikea pricing method). I like it at first sight. We measured with the paper measuring tape provided there, to make sure the length is what we wanted (100cm is around 3.3ft). We also checked how the legs are fixed to the table - besides the easiness to fix, we have to make sure it doesn't wobble). After all the checking, we took 2 sets. With just a screwdriver, it's easily fixed. I like the color and the simple design. But 1 of them isn't level (not sure whether it's the floor or the legs of the table) so I have to slipped a piece of folded paper under the leg to make it stable.

2 new computer desks at my family hall. Hhmm, need to get some cable-ties to make the cables tidier - why can't everything be wireless?

This chair was displyed with the desk in the store, but it costs more than the desk - RM169. It's very comfortable and nice. When I get it some other day, then it will be more of the reason for me to work from home more often :p

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wedding lunch - Farah & Khairi

This is the first time I attended a close Malay friend's wedding. I always see Malay neighbours have jamuan at their homes with catering for weddings, but Farah's one was held in a hall, it was grand. Before I stepped into the hall I smelled the fragrance of Nasi Beriani which made me so hungry~

Not for the guest, this was for the bride & groom and their family, guest had another buffet line.

The wedding cake was bride's custom order to Sheela, simple and pretty. Any orders? :D

They looked like the King and Queen!

After their ceremony and photo sessions with family & friends, we finally got chance to take individual photos with Farah.

Attended with the dress I bought from Irenelim few weeks ago.

Farah, you look stunningly pretty today! Wishing you two a great marriage life ahead :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Applying dog license for Daerah Sepang

It's a super troublesome thing to do.

First I went to the MPS (Majlis Perbandaran Sepang) office to get the form. 1 application form, and 4 forms for my neighbours to acknowledge and sign to say that they agree with me keeping dogs (that's fine, and fair).

Then I have to take pictures of my dogs in their cages in my house compound, to show that my dogs are well-kept and not running around disturbing others.

I prepared everything and went to submit the forms, photos and their vaccination cards. The officer in MPS photocopied the vaccination cards for reference, and returned me a photocopied application form with receival acknowledgement. She said within 14 days, officers from MPS will come to the house to inspect (whether the address is correct, and whether the dogs really staying at the stated address). They will come during working hours. I told her I need to work and nobody will be at home during working days/hours. She said that the officers will give me a call when they are coming, then I can arrange with them :| (Only they need to work, dog owners don't need to work?) After the inspection and if everything is alright, then they will call me to collect the licenses (RM12 each per year). Before getting the licenses, if the dogs got caught walking around without licenses, I can show them the photocopied application form with receival acknowledgement, or else I will be fined for RM200-RM300.

Anyway, now still waiting for their call. I wonder, do owners need to apply licenses for their cats?

Sunday, February 15, 2009


It wasn't a luxury nor glamorous one, but his sincerity made me said 'Yes' :)

Thanks for all the best wishes and congrats. This is just the start and I hope for a smooth and happy journey ahead.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Taman Pertanian Shah Alam

It has many different names - call it Taman Bukit Cahaya, Taman Pertanian Shah Alam or Taman Pertanian Seri Alam. A colleague told us about this place, which is a nice and big place to enjoy the nature and cycling, so we decided we go there for a day trip. The entrance fee is RM3 per adult and RM1 per kid under 12 year-old.

As we entered the park, we had choices of method to explore the park: walking, tour bus, or cycling. We picked cycling as this was 1 of the main reasons we came - to enjoy the nature and wind, but later on we regretted because the place is hilly and cycling was tiring.

Big tour bus that goes around the park.

Rented the bicycle at RM3 for 1st hour and RM1 for subsequent hours. New bicycles - RM5 1st hour and RM1 for subsequent hours.

Our first stop was the paddy field and Cocoa field, but I didn't see any Cocoa (or maybe I don't recognize it).

Besides greens, there are many animals kept in the park, and it didn't smell too bad like the zoo.

Lonely pony inside the compound standing near the gate, I think he wished to come out.



One of the attractions of this park is the Four Seasons temperature garden. It was 'winter' from Dec till March, and on the door there was a notice saying that 'Temperature: -2 to -7 Celsius. No jackets provided.' :| But since we were there, we decided to give it a try, with our t-shirt and shorts. Not as 'scary' as we thought.

Fee per entry for the temperature garden is RM3, I think it's over-charged because it's just a small house with both side of the area decorated with some 'snow' and dolls, couldn't even walk on the 'snow' and pose beside the dolls. Snow house @ Genting and Ice World in The Mines Wonderland are much better. Maybe Spring or Autumn will be nice.

Anyway, the park is soooooo big that we couldn't finish in one day (we only covered maybe 20% of it), the sun getting warmer in the afternoon so we went home around 12PM, would like to visit it again, wish to visit the fruits farm and fish farm next time.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ikea TV Bench

Last year I got a RM100 Ikea gift voucher for joining their online members' survey. I love the furnitures and things from there, they always have contemporary design and innovative usage. But furnitures there are normally more expensive compared to the neighbourhood furniture shops.

With the gift voucher, I bought a simple TV bench from Ikea. It took almost 1 hour to get it fixed. Some might think fixing your own furniture is tedious but to me it's fun and brings much satisfaction.

This was the second easiest piece of furniture to fix (for all the things I bought from there). All bolts & screws fit perfectly. Although we made some mistakes but it was quickly being corrected. But hhmm, it seems a little different from what is shown in their 2009 brochure.

Anyway, I'm using it perfectly fine, so no complains :)