Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yoga and religion

Some time back, YogaJess has written something about Christianity and Yoga. Today, the news reported that Yoga "might" be Haram (illegal in a religious way).

Since when Yoga became religious? I bet many practitioners are treating Yoga as a new form of exercise, just like visiting the gym, or attending aerobics classes. Some are pursuing mental health from practicing Yoga, to release tension, calm the mind, that kind of stuff.

Some are pursuing enlightenment by meditating, chanting, and hopeful to get closer to God. And that's the ultimate goal - to be closer to God, not to be closer to Buddha (people always have this perception just because Yoga is originated from India).

I believe God is in everybody's heart, in our mind, in any form. It's a belief, not the statue or image that matters.

Yoga should not be religious, it just makes us healthy and teaches us to be good, to be kind, to be compassionate.

Hopefully everyone can (have the chance to) practice Yoga in a free mind.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thank God It's Wednesday

Besides being the middle of the week, it's also my first yoga class in the week. Class was cancelled yesterday due to many of them weren't prepared.

My long holiday = eat, watch DVDs, sleep. So I focused on abs and twisting in the class today. A lot of standing twisting postures. After class, all were telling me: Class today is hard~

No choice lar, after 1 week rest, we have to get back into shape (ladies!), we have to get rid of the fats at the belly and trim the waistlines a bit, and also nourish our kidneys that help us detox our body :)


This morning I saw rainbow at... BaiBai's butt!

Reflection from glass or some aluminium stuff in my neighbour's yard.

Sandwich with mashed potato

Seems like we have to stick to the current caterer until end of the month and hopefully something good will happen next month.

Yesterday was the first day of work after long weekend, didn't have mood to prepare lunch box. We had fried green vege (thank god it was still green), stir-fried Tau Pok with gravy, vegetarian Char Siew (which tasted like 2-day-old pork) and stir-fried chinese cabbage with carrots and mushroom (which had weird smell maybe it was stored in the food container for too long while it was still hot)

So today I decided to pack my own food again. Just made some sandwiches (with cheese, cucumber and tomato), hard-boiled egg and mashed potato with butter.

My stomach growling~

Monday, October 27, 2008

Vegetarian Sambal Chili

I thought I would have to give up all food with sambal because sambal is always made using dried prawn.

But I found it! The vegetarian sambal chili :) It has the fragrance of the usual sambal, minus the "fishy" smell, which doesn't matter to me because what I like is the spicyness.

Singlong Vegetarian Sambal Chili.

I used it for my Nasi Lemak last night, yummy!

Rice boiled with coconut milk (Nasi Lemak), fried onions with sambal, fried peanuts and sliced cucumber.

Next I can try cooking sambal petai, sambal prawn, sambal ...

Hhmm, do we also have vegetarian Belacan? :p

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fleeceflower Root & Celery Porridge (首乌芹菜粥)

I was at home last weekend flipping a cook book. It's all chinese herbs related dishes, for natural way of increase immune system and preventing diseases. Something caught my attention - the chinese herb Fleeceflower Root (何首乌). As the chinese name suggested, it's good for treating premature graying of hair. I have this problem since few years ago when I first started working.

This is a very simple dish. The ingredients are:

1. 50g He Shou Wu - I bought from Eu Yan Sang, RM 4.00 for 100g.

2. Brown rice

3. Celery

4. Vegetarian sausages/ham (original recipe is using lean pork meat)

5. 600-800ml water

1. Chop the meat and celery. Rince brown rice.

2. Cook He Shou Wu with water. Remove He Shou Wu and pour the soup into a pot. Place rice into the pot. Cook until porridge is well done.

3. Add meat and celery when the porridge is almost done. Add a little salt for seasoning.

Seriously, it isn't delicious. But it's healthy and good for my hair, I give it a try. I think next time I shall put more celery to make it sweeter.

No~ BaiBai, your hair is always/supposed to be white!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Egg Fried Rice (蛋炒饭)

I have had enough of our caterer lousy food, so I prepared my own lunch today to office (actually wanted to work from home but waiting for my Terry Fox Run t-shirt to be delivered, hope he does come today).

I boiled extra rice last night for dinner, and kept some for this morning. Add in some soya sauce, salt and pepper, then fried with eggs.

I layed some Butterhead lettuce at the bottom of my lunch box, few slices of tomato and some steamed vegetarian sausages with Japanese mayonnaise (I don't know the proper name, I know it's used a lot in sushi/temaki) to go with my fried rice.

Very simple, but at least I don't have to survive on pathetic brown-wilted-vegetables or yellow curry dishes.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

New home-to-be

Had an appointment with the bank valuator to view the house I bought in Bandar Bukit Puchong 2. This time had a closer look at the house interior, planning how to decorate it.

Even the most basic fixtures need so much thinking - how many ceiling lamps, wall lamps, ceiling fans to be fixed; how many extra power points needed; how many gate and window grills (+ individual measurement), how many window curtain rails, etc. Another major thing is choosing the color for the rooms, curtains and furnitures.

If money isn't an issue, I bet decorating my own house is much more enjoyable.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Generous bank

Yesterday went to CIMB bank @ Permas Jaya branch, while waiting at the teller for some approval, the bank official came out from his room and told us "Kak sila makan kuih raya di sana ya" (Please have some festive cookies over there), pointing at one corner in the bank.

So generous~ Can we have higher rates in our FDs instead? :D

Friday, October 17, 2008

Deeparaya dinner @ Cyberview Lodge Resort

At first we (the social committee) wanted to book the venue at the pool side, but someone confirmed the booking earlier than us in the morning of the same day we confirmed our booking, so we ended up having the dinner at the Cindai ballroom.

Hotel staffs were preparing a wedding dinner at the pool side that evening.

Cindai ballroom.

Adeline, me & Shoba.

We arrived there very early before the dinner started, so went around to check out the food.

Cold dish.

Soup - we have changed the Salmon cream soup to Vegetarian Shark Fin soup, but they still serve the soup with bread and butter :|


Other pastries.


And dinner started!

Ladies first.

We have few hot dishes customized/changed to vegetarian dish - Vegetarian Green Curry, Loh Hun Vegetables, Nasi Dhall, and Dauphinois Potato. All tasted very good. I love especially the Dauphinois Potato, it's like a vegetarian lasagna (or it became a replacement for chicken lasagna for me), lovely.

But I didn't like the Vegetarian Shark Fin soup, Maya Hotel did it better :p

The dinner ended rather early, before 9PM. We were first to come, but last to leave, and I ta-pau some food back for mum at home. Many of us packed some food back, but there were still a lot of food left over :( Next time shouldn't have buffet style, table dinners seem to have less left over food.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Double Downward Facing Dog

When I first saw this pose, I thought the one behind needs more strength to support the partner in front. But in fact, the one stepping on top is not entirely resting. I used a lot of strength from arms and shoulders (trapezius muscles) to support my body weight. What I thought was, it's a good practice for handstand. Practicing against the wall seems the same, but to me, the wall is too comfortable to be leaned against to, a human partner on the other hand, gives me a feeling that I'm becoming the burden, I shall stand on my own (hands).

And what reminds me of this pose is: I love my 2 dogs! Now, feels just like having a new-born baby at home, always rushing home after work to see them.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Vegetarian menu @ Ikea Restaurant & Café

I always take my lunch at Ikea if I'm shopping around there. Besides the free tea I get using my Ikea Friends Visa card, the restaurant serves 1 vegetarian menu everyday, rotating between Vegetarian Burger with fries and Vegetarian Fish Curry.

I don't like the burger, it doesn't taste like burger, but like some indian kuih. The fish curry is very nice, spicy, big portion, and the best part is, the vegetables in it wasn't over-boiled in the curry, it is softly boiled and the curry and fish is poured onto it when served, making the vege still tastes fresh and juicy.

Can more people feedback that we want more variety of vegetarian menu?

BaiBai & Dagger in the park

Brought both of them to the playground nearby this morning. Dagger seems to trust us more. Although both of them are not too close yet, no aggressive behaviour between them.

Friday, October 10, 2008

木直 Vegetarian Restaurant @ Taman Equine

The dishes for lunch today was terrible, some curry and some stir-fried-till-dead vegetables. Adeline, Shoba and I decided to eat out.

There's a newly opened (not too new, but less than a year) vegetarian restaurant near my house which Shoba hasn't tried before, finally got chance to bring her there after mentioning to her few months ago.

The shop is decorated in a very woody-feel, like the name suggested.

Dessert corner.

Organic food/products for sale.

Cantonese style fried noodle.

Kung Pow chicken with rice - all the rice dish is served with healthy brown rice.

Fried goose meat - was 1 of the promotion item (50% discount) that day.

The price of individual rice & noodle dishes range from RM6.90 - RM8.90, which is quite reasonable, considering the taste and quality of food is good. Ops, forgotten to pay Shoba for my share, must remember!

Dagger's first day

When I decided to have a second dog, I insist on adopting than buying because there are too many abandoned dogs around, I wish I can help them instead of promoting irresponsible breeding of pets.

I named her Dagger, because I like the character of Dagger (Princess Garnet) in Final Fantasy 9.

We got her back from a rescue home @ Old Klang Road. When we were there, she was barking at BaiBai when she saw him, but she backed off when we wanted to stroke her. We realised that she was barking because she's unsure and scared of the strangers. Jacqueline (the rescuer) said that she will be a good guard dog at home, she's not easy with strangers.

And indeed, when we brought her home, she's watchful against us. She's scared of us, scared of BaiBai, scared of the environment. Her tail is permanently retracted into her body. For the whole night, she didn't leave her spot in her room. Yes, I prepared a room for her and BaiBai, thought they can play and live together, now seems like BaiBai needs to be with us for a while more.

This morning, I opened the room door, I saw her curled up against the wall, I couldn't figure out whether she took some of her food or not at all. I hope she did. She refused to walk downstair to the yard to do her business, we had to carry her and put her on the grass. And after that, carried her up to her room, again she curled herself up against the wall when I last saw her before I came to office.

I hope she will be fine with us soon. I hope she will be brave like her (new) name.

Monday, October 6, 2008

1 day trip at Penang

Few months back, my aunt gave me a voucher for a Grand Deluxe room at Park Royal Penang, which she got it from a local radio station by winning some games but couldn't make it for the trip. I made the reservation for 4th Oct.

Started journey from KL at 5AM, it was a smooth drive on the Saturday morning, it took us 4 1/2 hour to reach Batu Feringgi. After checking in to the hotel, we started our first visiting at Kek Lok Si temple.

Why chinese temples always have statues of chinese zodiac?

Dog-body bench in the garden of the temple.

The temple is on a hill. At the bottom of the hill is a small town with shops/stalls selling souvenires, local delicacies and of course the famous Asam Laksa and fried kuey teow.

The cable-car to Penang Hill (Bukit Bendera) is closed for maintenance, so couldn't go there.

Next we went to the Botanic garden.

Little Penang bridge.

It was a very hot day so we didn't spend too much time in the garden. It is a very big garden but wasn't so well-maintained.

After a long day, we went back to our hotel room.

Room with pool view.

At first wanted to rest in the room after a long day drive, but got attracted by the pool downstairs so decided to go for a dip in the water.

At night we went to the new Gurney Drive for dinner. It's very famous but it's just another food court to me, nothing special.

The next morning, woke up really early (earlier than normal working days), took a long and relaxing bath, then went down for the buffet breakfast.

The food was very nice and what surprised me was the variety of fruits. Not only the usual watermelon-papaya-pineapple-honeydew.

Pomelo, Jack-fruit (Nangka), Star fruit and oranges.

Went for a walk around the hotel after breakfast.

It was an enjoying trip, but the journey back was torturing, it was traffic jam and rain all the way, even in the petrol stations and rest areas along the highway! Shouldn't have picked this weekend for traveling.