Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Malaysian Tribunal For Consumer Claims

This is 1 place I visited so frequently since Oct this year.

Early Oct, when I knew there's no chance we can join Urban Yoga (as the receiver took over Yoga Zone and turned YZ Damas into Urban Yoga) using my existing membership (need to fork out RM88 per month to re-join), I decided to file for a claim. I went to the Putrajaya branch to request the Form 1, filled in, submitted, and the first hearing was 4th Nov.

I did a mistake by posting the Form 1 to Ferrier Hodgson (the receiver company) using courier service, the court only accept posting by Registered Mail, or by hand. So my case was postponed to yesterday, 25 Nov.

This time I posted the Form 1 by Registered Mail, got the AR card from Post Office and submitted to the court during the second hearing. It really wasn't a happy trip. I reached there at 9AM (as requested in the court letter), the President (a.k.a The Judge) came in and started hearing at 10:10AM, so many cases yesterday and I waited will 11:45AM for mine. Ferrier Hodgson didn't send anyone for the hearing, so I got the award from the court.

I met a girl at there, Lennie, she filled a claim against YZ too. She has her own business of dog boarding home, so interesting! We were chit-chating while waiting for the officers to prepare the award letter. The officers told us it would take a long time and 'invited' us to have our lunch at the cafeteria at Level 1 while waiting (that's why I didn't eat my cold noodle yesterday, as I already left my lunchbox in the office).

Only by 1:25PM, my name was called and I got the award letter.

Happily, I thought I could send the award letter to Ferrier Hodgson today and start counting the days before they issue me a cheque. But Lennie called me yesterday (1 hour after I reached office) and told me that the officer had typed the wrong company name on our award letter :( So this morning I went to return the letter to the tribunal office and have to wait for them to issue me a new one. It's going to take few days (or weeks) for them to prepare, sign, and call me to collect it from them when it's ready.

The process is so tedious, no wonder many members gave up in claiming. Not only the amount that I'm claiming is considered big to me, what I think is I must exercise my rights as a consumer, and not let these 'immoral' companies get off so easily. And yes, I shall bug you till you pay!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cold noodle with fried chicken cubes

I don't buy organic food all the time (or everything I eat), because it is more expensive, can be 400% more expensive than non-organics.

Last weekend I went to One Utama, parked at the place near the outdoor 'waterfall'. I took the escalator up and saw an organic shop - Country Farm Organics, selling everything from food to detergents. I intended to just walk into the shopping mall through the shop. As I walked in I got attracted by the choices of food, it's more than what's in Just Life in The Curve. Then I approached the discount corner, the organic noodle was on sale - RM 9.90 for 2 packets. Not too bad. So I got myself a packet of Carrot Stick Noodle and a packet of Spirulina Noodle.

So I made myself cold (carrot stick) noodle with fried chicken cubes for lunch today (but I didn't have chance to try my own 'creative' cold noodle and this was another incident).

I boiled the noodle in boiling water for 5 mins (as the instruction stated, I wonder would the boiling spoil whatever vitamins/minerals in the noodle?), then drained the water, rinsed the cooked noodle with cold water. I then mixed some sauce (soya sauce plus sesame oil) to the noodle.

Cold noodle, fried vegetarian chicken cubes (some japanese mayonnaise on top), and boiled Edamame soy bean.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

BBQ Chicken

A friend highly recommended this restaurant - the BBQ Chicken. It claims to be the Korea No. 1 chicken restaurant. Today we went to One Utama and had lunch there.

The restaurant is nothing like Korean style. Very Malaysian in fact.

The selling point of the BBQ chicken here is that it uses olive oil instead of normal cooking oil, which is much more healthy.

All set lunches are served with a free drink (carbonated drink) and a single scoop ice-cream.

It doesn't have vegetarian menu but there are something to order off the normal menu too, although limited choices. I had mushroom soup, green salad and mashed potato with herb sauce. The mashed potato was too bland but luckily the sauce was nice.

It is so untrue

yoga had been practised by the Hindu community for thousands of years and incorporated physical movements, religious elements together with chants and worshipping, with the aim of “being one with God”.

I practice and teach Yoga, I don't, I never teach, and I never was taught by any of my teachers that it HAS TO BE incorporated with chants and worshipping.

while merely doing the physical movements of yoga without the worshipping and chanting might not be against religious beliefs, Muslims should avoid practising it altogether as “doing one part of yoga would lead to another”.

Smoking leads to cancer (I'm not sure is it Haram?), why isn't it banned? Because it is profitable?

the ruling was only meant for Muslims. The rest were free to practise yoga.

Oh thank god.

“Malaysia is not the only country which prohibits Muslims from doing yoga. Singapore and Egypt have come out with the same edict,” he pointed out.

Oh ya? really?

Quoted from original text:

Friday, November 21, 2008

We are the ~~~

Not the champion, but the third place in our company Bowling Competition event this year.

I've heard many people talking about the glow-in-the-dark bowling game in MidValley - Cosmic Bowl, it was the first time I tried it. Very fun indeed, the lights and music made the ambience fun and happening. But it was like bowling cum clubbing, we had to shout to communicate with each other, so in the end, we all almost lost our voice.

Cosmic bowl lanes.

We had 5 minutes practice throw, in normal bright lights. When the real game started, after our third throw, the disco lights and music replaced the normal lights. At first we couldn't focus (we should be given to practice in these lights too), but later on we all had fun when our eyes got used to it.

3 people in a team (1 girl and 2 guys, to be fair), 2 games each team. My second game was lousy only 95 points :( I thought 'there goes my hamper' (I was there when the person-in-charge from Social Committee bought the hampers, so I was eyeing at any 1 of them). Luckily I had 2 guys in the team that play good and drew the points near enough and got ourselves in the third place!

Me getting trophy from Khairi - organizer.

Team getting hamper - Ghim, me, Azlan.

Too bad many left early that night so no group photo taken (sorry president...)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Distributing love

Our company HR & office managers have arranged a trip to an orphanage in Kajang (Jln Reko to be specific). The main purpose was to have lunch with the kids and some old folks staying there, and distribute some needings and gifts to them.

Arriving with pizza!

Reached the home, I was glad to see that the environment is new and clean. Sheela told us the owner of the house just renovated the place, and exempted 1 year rental from the orphanage. Such a kind person!

The home.

The yard.

Wall drawing by 1 of the boys.

Living hall - quite a few trophies & medals in the cabinet.



Our company also donated some foldable beds and mattresses, Dell PCs, kitchen utensils, and some furnitures, hope we are making a better place for them to stay and study, play, grow up/old.

Kids waiting for lunch.

We were told that they normally don't have lunch (only dinner everyday) unless people donate or come to visit them like today.

I saw most kids enjoyed their food, they all sat quietly and ate, very obedient and organized - no crying, no snatching. I wondered how the old folks enjoy the pizzas? Some did asked for more, some just nibbled the food slowly, a man just took 1 piece and rejected our next offer.

We got pizzas from an Italian restaurant in Cyberjaya, and ordered some from Domino's.

Our turn to eat, after we distributed food to everyone.

A vegetarian pizza from the Italian restaurant, which Sheela thought, they just dump all kinds of vegetables into it without considering the 'compatibility' of the ingredients.

During lunch, we spotted something small running around the house fast and quietly, someone told me it was a ChiHuaHua! Indeed! A little ChiHuaHua pup.

After lunch, we distributed some clothes to the old folks, uniforms to the kids that are attending school, and some gifts/toys for the kids.

The kids queued up to get their gifts, they had the biggest smile on their face when accepting the gift, and the 'Thank you!' melted my heart.

Kids comparing what's inside.

How fortunate we are, having money to buy pretty clothes, having extras to pursuit tertiary or higher educations, having the 'rights' to complain about our lousy/unhealthy/uncreative food from caterer.

We should cherish everything, everyone around us, and every single day we have.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sandwich & macaroni cheese

It's third week of November, I doubt we are going to get new caterer anytime soon. Maybe next year? New year, new caterer, haha (being hopeful). For the time being, I still make lunch box to work (feel tired and rather work from home if I don't have yoga class).

Sandwich with cheese + tomato + Butterhead lettuce, macaroni cheese and Kiwi fruit.

I love the Silicon side dish, it works as a food separator in the lunch box, keeping everything in place and pretty :)

I came across a bento mania blog, and got to know that Daiso is coming to KL. I didn't know what Daiso sells, but from the blog entry and its comments, I reckon it's a store selling assorted bento tools and accessories. Nice! I shall have more choices and ideas for my lunch box.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A happy walk, but sad ending

A clear Sunday morning, woke up at 6AM, packed leashes, water bottles, poo bags and brought BaiBai and Dagger to the park next to the Sri Petaling LRT station for a weekend morning walk.

Met up with Adeline & her 'princess' Yumi, Dagger seemed like not interested, BaiBai was more interested.

After a few rounds walk around the lake in the garden, we took the stairs up to the middle of the hill. We and the dogs took some rest on the bench.

It was a nice walk, although Dagger doesn't know how to heel yet, but at least she followed the crowd and not trying to escape.

Until we approached my car to head back, it was a happy outing.

I parked at the road side, beside the Sri Petaling LRT car park and the park, many cars parked there. I saw from far, a couple passed by my car and pointed at it and were talking to each other. I didn't have much time to wonder why before I saw broken window glass beside my car on the ground.

The culprit didn't actually break the window, he used something (iron rod probably) to 'dig' the side of the window and the window pane just fell off.

He opened and searched the glove compartment and ash compartment, but took nothing. In fact there isn't anything valuable for him to take.

We all think that is a usual spot where the thief breaks car windows and steals, because we saw many broken car windows and glasses in the bush beside it. It just didn't cross my mind when I first parked there.

Lesson learned:
I will not park my car at the road side, even at a busy street (it was a busy park and many people were jogging/passing by).
I will never put anything valuable/important in the car (it was lucky that I removed most of the things from my car as I brought it for servicing yesterday), even it is not visible from outside of the car, thiefs just look for random easy target.
Chong Ee has moved in to his new condo - Sterling @ PJ few weeks back, didn't have time to visit him until yesterday, finally made an appointment with him to visit his place and went for a swim.

It's really a nice place to stay in, like having a home in a modern resort.


yet having a relaxing corner of nature.

Posh entrance/lobby for residents drop-off.

The security seemed tight. 3 basement car-parks, with 3-4 security guards patrolling. When we drove in to LG2, a guard walked to us and directed us to a specific lot to park. And every entrance to the building is protected by alarmed door and only accessible by residents' magnetic pass card.

A garden with swings, slides, modern spring-seesaw and also something for the adults - outdoor 'gym equipment'.

The most attracting place in the condo (at least to me) is the swimming pool! Wonderfulous! I couldn't help myself to quickily change and dip into it at the second I saw it.

Chong Ee insisted we come during night time. The view explains it all.

How I wish I'm a fish swimming here all night.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

French Toast set

Suddenly I crave for Kaya, after watching the I-forgotten-which episode of Ho Chak! program on 8TV.

Last night I went for weekly grocery shopping at Jusco. I specifically remembered to buy a bottle of Kaya and a loaf of bread.

Since I have the whole loaf and have to finish it before it expires, my lunch box today is bread-based.

French toast, boiled sweet corn, cherry tomatoes and Kiwi fruit.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dolphin by the pond

Attended Jacey's wedding dinner last Saturday. Yesterday she sent me the photos taken that night.

One of the photo was taken with me standing beside her and my body slightly slanted towards her, it focused on my right arm and the first thing I thought was: why my right arm looks so fat?! Hhmm, now I sound like Adeline.

Was it really fat or was it angle problem? I don't want to dwell on it, instead I decided to have class today to focus on firming the arms.

Dolphin pose.

Dolphin Plank pose.

I think these are the safest poses for firming the arms and building arm strength, as there won't be any chance to hyper-extend (and hurt) the elbows.