Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy holidays!

No more YZ, but luckily I have a place to practice yoga with my fellow Monsterianz every Tuesday and Wednesday. Although I'm the one teaching, I feel I'm actually learning and improving with them. I hope they feel the positive changes in their body and mind as I do.
Hope everyone enjoy the Hari Raya Puasa holidays (long weekend for me), forgive mistakes of others and ourselves.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shoulderstand (Sarvangasana)

A group of colleagues and I were at William's house warming party last Thursday.
After some time, our topic was Yoga. And particularly about Shoulderstand.
One of them kept wondering how can we "stand" on shoulders? He could imagine Headstand and Handstand as it was quite obvious, but Shoulderstand? Will we break our neck on doing that?
Another friend then demonstrated Headstand and Shoulderstand using a plastic spoon, which was very descriptive and appropriate!

Spoon Headstand - Spoon Shoulderstand

Human Shoulderstand

Monday, September 22, 2008


Had a few rounds of foosball games in office today after work.
Still tak puas losing to Kian Yang; because he practiced a lot during lunch hours! :p

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Making my own calendar

I know it's kind of too early, but I'm eager to see the end product of my creativity.

I've been creating these images for the past few weeks. Printed with my Canon i355 bubble jet on glossy photo papers. Actually wanted to print using the Kodak DIY photo printing machine this afternoon, but the machines at shopping mall were out-of-order, so I think give my printer a try, since I still have some glossy papers at home. I didn't expect the quality to be so good as I'm using imitation color cartridges.

I receycled the back cardboard of an old calendar as the frame of my table calendar.

Cut everything into the correct size, then punch holes for everything to be binded using 2 ring holders.

Fold and paste the cardboard to a standing triangle shape. Bind all pieces together at the top.

Now I wish time pass faster, so that I can use my new calendar :)

Friday, September 19, 2008


After a busy week of meeting property agent, calling lawyer, calling and meeting bank officers, finally a day to relax at home.

Looking at the sunset from my apartment window. Beautiful moments always come to an end so soon.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

adidas Yoga + Dance Gathering II

Right after work, I went home to change (not much choices on adidas, but I tried not to wear rival brands at all), and quickily rushed to The Gardens.

Reached there around 6:40PM, too early, so went for a walk in the shopping mall before went back to the Ballroom again. By the time I arrived the Ballroom the second time, there's a long queue for reception.

Waited for around 15 mins before I could register. At that time most of them that registered are from the media, the hall was still empty.

It was still early, I loitered around the place, and had chance to catch a few shots with the celebrities.
Amber Chia.


Finally the event started after the Buka Puasa dinner, started off with the cat-walk from the stars showing the adidas Fall/Winter 2008 collections followed by a song presented by one of the Malaysian Idol.

Ladies were high and danced along.

Then it was a dance session with celebrity instructor - Baby-G.

I followed this for the first half session then kong-ed out. So sat aside and snapped some photos.

Next was the Yoga session by Ninie, this was what I mainly came for.

Luckily back from my toilet break I still able to get first row seat. It was a great session and it wasn't easy as she claimed :p The Cobra series kills me.

When the event ended, more shootings.
Group photo.

First time yoga-posing with Ninie, malu-lah(shame). She asked whether can pose Side Crow with her. No lar, I still need a lot of practice, hopefully next event :p

Henry, 1 of the MC for the night.

Posing with Rainbeau Mars.

It was a beautiful all-ladies party/dance/yoga night, but the next day back to the reality again - work!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Adidas Yoga + Dance Gathering

Thanks to my friends on spreading the news to me (through Facebook, MSN, blog entry). Thanks to femmething for selecting me as 1 of the winner of the contest.

I was waiting for femmething's email reply and I thought there's no chance anymore because the event is tomorrow. This morning when my email pops up with "Congrats!" I was too surprise, as I wasn't really creative in my entry pose (it was really a last minute job).

I've postponed my teaching to Thursday, and I shall remember to charge my camera, prepare my Adidas outfit, and wait for 5PM tomorrow :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Pineapple tarts from Malacca

I was in Malacca yesterday, drove there from A'Famosa after check-out. Went to buy chicken rice ball for lunch yesterday, and pineapple tarts - which will be my tea time later.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My first purchase from online boutique

Air ticket was the only thing I bought (very frequently) from the cyber world.

Recently, I come across an online boutique from Malaysia. She (from the domain name, I assume is a she) left some comments here and I clicked and checked out her site. Clean and pretty web design, with varieties on dresses, blouses, t-shirts, and more. It allows search by text and a tag cloud showing what are the popular stuff there.

I got attracted by a vest, simple and sweet. It isn't expensive. So out of curiosity and great interest, I decided to make a purchase. As taught on the site, I filled in the contact form to order.

Few minutes later, I got a reply in my mailbox, after several email communications on order confirmation, I paid through Maybank2U.

Today, 2 days later, I received a parcel from PosLaju.

It was a nice online-purchasing experience. No hassle on traffic jams, no hassle on finding parking lots in shopping malls (the parking fee is often more than what I paid for the delivery charge), no hassle on snatching pieces of clothes from a "50%-70%" tray (the price on Irenelim Fashion is reasonable enough), and getting my choice right at my doorstep.

Now I can do more stress-free shopping lying on my couch.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Single-arm Plank pose

As usual, Friday I went to YC Puchong for morning class. It was Jessie's Slim Hot.

I like to prepare my students with Plank followed by Single-Legged Plank pose before their arm balancing poses. When holding Plank pose comes too easy, Single-Legged Plank adds in some challenges for the arms and core.

Jessie also added a series of poses for strengthening arms on that day.

"Stay in your Plank, lift your right leg off the floor."

"Now release your right leg, lift your left leg."

"Now release your left leg, lift your right hand."

I was like huh? I thought it was a joke. When I looked around, everyone was doing, I knew it wasn't a joke and tried to lift my right hand off the mat and I collapsed. Ouch, it's really hard. Especially when I had to keep both hips level - lifting the right hand, unconsciously, I shifted my weight to the left arm and caused the body slanted to the left side.

Well, now I know, when holding Single-Legged Plank comes too easy, Single-Arm Plank adds in some challenges for the arms and core.