Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chayo Studio

I'm looking for a (new) nice place to practice, without having to commit for a long time period, convenient for me to reach the place after work, with convenient parking facility and lastly with class schedule that have classes I like and have convenient timing for me.

All factors considered, I decided to go for a trial at Chayo Studio.

I like the location of this place, its located in the Kelana Mall, opposite Giant. Ample parking space in the building, cost RM0.50 per hour for the first 2 hours, and RM1.00 per hour for the subsequent hours. Giant free parking is another choice, but it'll get a little messy if it rains.

At ground floor, it's a vegetarian cafe - no eggs, even our strict-est vegetarian friend can dine here :) The studio is at the first floor. It's a serene place. Small and cosy. Consist of a reception area with notice boards and chairs for registration/waiting/resting, a small office and 2 studio rooms. The bigger studio can fit around 12-15 students, with an elevated seat in front for the teacher and mirrors on the right hand side. The room is equiped with projector and screen and sound system I think to be used during workshops. The teacher's seat is decorated with religious/spiritual statues and paintings, but nothing too intimidating.

Entrance & reception

Merchandise corner

Waiting for the previous class to end outside the studio.

I just had a quick peep at the other small studio, it can fit around 6-8 students, a nice place for a quiet small group.

The only drawback of the studio is that it doesn't have windows. Although during class the aircon is switched to room temperature, I still prefer feeling and listening to the natural sound of wind outside the room.

Today was my second class there and I'm totally enjoying (exhausted by) it.


  1. like ur new blog skin :)
    like ur emphasis on vege cafe menu :):)
    u teach here issit?

  2. Not teaching lar, learning :)

  3. This place looks sure very cozy!

  4. helo... long time not visit here..
    I also feel that have a strategic place to practise yoga or going for gym is very important.. If the place easy to go and no jam then I will definitely go more frequent.