Thursday, July 29, 2010

Marina Yoga @ Krabi, Thailand

Marina, the owner of Marina Yoga, has a strong accent, I didn't know which was it until she told us she's from Germany. (That explained why our day tour agent who called her on the phone helping us to book for a class started with "Sawadee Ka" but ended up speaking broken English).

Her yoga place is a hut, an airy and quiet hut surrounded by plants, 2 doors away from her house. There's a gazebo beside the hut, a whiteboard hanging in front of it noting the time of classes and names of registered students. And, her 2 pet dogs and some stray cats walking around guarding the place, in peace.

I enjoyed her Hatha class very much. It was an evening class so there weren't any vigorous steps or series. We had a smooth flow of warm-up, arm strength series, abs exercise, standing balancing, stretching, twisting, and ended with a short Yoga Nidra.

Her instructions were clear with demonstrations. Her encouragement words were strong and powerful, yet fun. Her words during Shavasana had calming effects. Our evening class was a fun, satisfying workout. She's a friendly lady and likes to chat. She told us how she came to Krabi, how she loves Krabi and how she built up her Yoga business there.

I wonder I will go back to Krabi for my future vacation, but I do hope we will meet again, maybe in another part of the world.


  1. Hi there! My name's Emily and I'm an advanced yoga practitioner based in Melbourne, Australia. I'm writing to you as I'm curious about taking some classes at Marina's school when i visit Ao Nang in January 2011. Her website doesn't indicate a location at all and my partner and I are trying to work out where to stay which may not be too far from Marina's. Do you know the address or even just a name of a hotel/resort it is next to or near so I can look in that area? Thanks so much for your great blog!

  2. Hi Emily, I stayed at Phra Nang Inn" when I was in Krabi. From there, it's about 10 minutes drive to Marina's. For my first class, Marina came to fetch me from the hotel, very nice of her :)

    For the direction to her place:
    You need a transport to AoNang Soi 1, Moo2 ( tell the driver close to naThai Road.On this section you will see a Yoga/Reiki Sign, Index to the small Road right hand side.

    Wish you a great trip to Krabi and a great practice with Marina.

  3. Woww!!! nice trip. If you can’t decide for your next trip…Phuket is the best choice for you!!

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  4. Indeed, my next trip is to Phuket :)
    But what a pity I've booked my accommodation, maybe next time!