Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Morning vs Evening

Most people think that one should not exercise on empty stomach. But Yoga is different. I love practicing on empty stomach in the morning. It awakens my drowsy body, clear my mind, nourish my brain with lots of oxygen (rather than be used to digest my food in the stomach). A morning practice prepares me for my day ahead.

I love to end my day with an evening practice, before dinner. It releases body fatigue from a hard day, brings peace to mind, makes me sleep through the night and wake up to a brand new, hopeful and positive day.


  1. That's interesting! Perhaps tomorrow morning I will try to do some exercise in the morning and see if it will chase my sleepy head away!

  2. i do yoga at 8am, i feel hungry at middle of the class, should i eat breakfast before yoga?

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  4. It is recommended that you practice Yoga in the morning with empty stomach and clear your bowels. But if you feel uncomfortable or hungry, do drink a cup of hot chocolate before class :)