Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lunch today - Inari sushi

So glad to find that Jusco @ IOI mall is selling the frozen Inari skin. I guess this is the simplest Japanese dish I can prepare.

1. Steamed some rice using steamer. Didn't use Japanese rice because it's expensive. Didn't use rice cooker because I added slightly more water to make the rice sticky (than normal rice we eat with chinese dishes) and putting extra water to cook in rice cooker makes the rice stick to the pot - no good.

2. Hard-boiled an egg. Smashed it and mixed with some Japanese mayonnaise.
3. Cut some Japanese cucumbers into small sticks.

4. Opened the defrost Inari skin (it then looked like a small bag/pocket), put in some rice, topped with the mayonnaised egg and cucumber.

5. Itadakimasu.

Ate with some boiled Edamame.

Only had 4 Inari sushi with some soybeans and I'm feeling so full~


  1. That's a nice and hassle free lunch, good for a quick bite admist of the busy schedule! Didn't know they actually sell inari skin out there!

  2. I was surprise too~ I thought I would need to get it from S'pore or something :)

  3. That's nice, making your own lunch, must be really delicious! I don't mind taking a bite :)

  4. Wah.. sushi you also know how to make ar.. good nia!