Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tea time - egg tarts

Thanks to Christine's recipe, I've learned to make my very own egg tarts. The ingredients and steps are simple and easy to understand. I followed the recipe exactly except for:

Sugar: I used fine sugar (not icing sugar as listed in the recipe) because Giant ran out of icing sugar. I think that's why the crusts ware too crispy, supposed to be firm but soft.

Shaping: I don't have cookie cutter, so I used a jelly cup, traced the round shape on the dough, then cut it out with a Kiwi cutter (the cutter came with a box of Kiwi that I bought some time ago, 'knife' at 1 side, 'spoon' at the other side)

I didn't have toothpick to test whether it's ready. I baked it for the maximum time - 30 mins.
Some had burnt crusts because the egg custard overflown.

Another problem was, I should've mold the dough till the top of the egg-tart-cup, I thought the dough would raise a little so I kept some space, but turned out my egg tarts were all too shallow :p

Anyway, they were delicious. The taste of the crust and custard was good, the correct sweetness that I like. Well done - to me :)

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