Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Free ENERGY Yoga Passes

KL Yoga has been a great source for me to find out new Yoga studios/teachers, Yoga events and great health tips. And now it got even better - giving away free Yoga passes!

No slogans/proof-of-purchases/registrations/photos/videos needed, just do 1 of the 3 simplest thing:
1. Subscribe to KL Yoga OR
2. Spread the word in your blog/website OR
3. Post in Facebook

Act fast as passes are limited! And help spread the word/love around :)


  1. Me too... but no time for yoga le. You help me take care of my kids and husband la. :)

  2. Bring them all together lar :p

  3. Hmm... too bad the yoga passes are no good as passes for me to play badminton at MBA (the badminton center at bandar puteri).

  4. hai friends , we will start International Yoga Instructor Course soon, you are welcome to get mor info.

  5. So, have you gone for the free Yoga classes?... ops, forgot, you are a teacher yourself. :)

  6. Not yet oh, cannot find time to go :p

  7. Haha so busy ah... got time go shopping or not? If not shop online at my site la. Long time no hear from you le... :)