Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stepping into yoga studio again

It's been a long time we since we last went to Sri Hartamas, the only thing for us to go there was YZ. Today we drove on the usual highway, stepped into the same studio, but everything has changed.

I showed the free passes I got from KL Yoga to a girl at the reception, she wasn't sure whether the passes were valid. She asked whether I have the original copy (I got the passes through email and printed out) and from which branch did I bought the passes. I told her a detailed story from what is KL Yoga and how I got the passes from the net. Another guy walked out from the office, discussed with her, and finally accepted the passes. They wasn't rude but weren't as friendly compared to previous YZ's staffs. No class cards were given out to people who have registered for the class and no towels provided (we went down to the supermarket to get 2).

We attended Thomas's Hatha 1 class (which was the only pleasant thing that I experienced during this visit). During the class, a few students raised and asked whether they have entered the wrong session. Apparently, the schedule was changed and no one informed the students, and there wasn't a Today's schedule board at the entrance like before.

When we were leaving the place after bath, there wasn't anyone at the reception. No one greet you 'good bye' after class and no one 'pester' you to join membership after a trial class, I wonder that was good or bad.

Maybe it was a day after public holiday so the atmosphere of the place wasn't encouraging and motivating. Not sure about other members (I did see a few ex-members around), but I miss YZ very much.


  1. It has been awhile mang0, welcome back! :)

  2. Ya, busy preparing for the wedding... Thanks for your support :)

  3. Yeah... YZ is really good!!

  4. Their staff was not properly informed of those passes I guess. When will be your wedding day?

  5. Congrats. Many weddings in these couple of months, must be really auspicious. I have one to attend also this very Saturday.