Monday, November 21, 2011

Yoga class @ Bodhi Yoga, Taipei

Our itinerary in Taipei was very packed, I'm glad that I had a chance to attend at least 1 class in the week. Before the trip, I searched for yoga studios in Taipei, most of the studios provide classes in the morning starting 8+ and in the evenings. Bodhi Yoga is the only place that provides the first class as early as 7:15am, perfect for me!

It was a 5 mins slow walk from the MRT station, very conveniently located at the 3rd floor of a corner lot commercial building. A big signboard can be easily seen across the road.

A pretty and soft-spoken fitness consultant welcomed me to the studio. I filled up the registration form and she asked a few questions regarding my health condition and practice experience, then guided me to the changing room. Then I proceeded to the class room.

It was a small room that fits 8 of us including the instructor. Despite small, it was well-lit with natural light and soft breeze blowing through the windows.

It was a 60-min Hatha class by Janet. We started class by lying (stomach) down on the bolster, breathing softly through nose, clearing our minds, expanding our lungs and awakening our spine by feeling the air flowing in our body. We continued the class with some regular Warrior poses, backbending, Sarvangasana and ended with a short meditation and 3 OMs.

The instructor was clear in giving instructions but she's kind of too soft in her voice volume. A few times I needed to guess and look at her or my neighbour student to get what she said.

After Shavasana, each student was given a small piece of sanitized cleaning cloth, we wiped our mats and placed the cleaning cloth in a small pail, then arranged our blocks, bolsters and blankets to their original place (a corner of the room), then left the room. Students here are so disciplined and well-mannered, no loud chattings within the studio compound, only gentle greetings, polite smiles and friendly good-byes.

Most of them took a bath and rushied to work, but I was rushing to start my every-second-counts journey :)


  1. You still can spend time to yoga in taipei.. cool..

    Free n easy package?

  2. No package, just take MRTs and holding maps and explore around :)

  3. I plan to try yoga class in Taiwan later. How much for a drop in class?

  4. It's been a long time, if I remember correctly is about RM60 for 2 classes (1 free 1) for first timer.