Monday, October 24, 2011

Birthday trip @ Gold Coast Morib, Sepang

Not my birthday, it was my hubby's. Wanted to give him a surprise by driving him to the destination blind-folded. During the journey I lost my way, my blind-folded man beside me told me how to travel back to the correct route! Nevertheless, it was still a birthday surprise for him :)

Gold Coast Morib is a new hotel, a condominium-like guest rooms surrounding a water theme park. The water theme park isn't too big, with some water slides, a tunnel which you can stream in it with a water tube, a big pool with water guns and several 'raining mushrooms'. During a weekend, the water theme park is filled with laughter and giggles of children and parents. We had fun too.

Our room (private suite) is spacious with full amenities. It has a big jacuzzi in the bathroom - one of the main attractions to me of this place.

We had dinner at the hotel's cafe. The food is nothing much to scream about, and the waitress came back to us a few times to let us know the dish we ordered was not available and told us to pick something "simpler" so the kitchen can prepare it. All the staffs at the hotel are well-trained and polite, so we didn't mind the lack of ingredients and food variety at this new hotel.
Chicken Bolognese Spaghetti
The next day after breakfast, we took a morning walk around the water theme park and the beach beside the hotel.
A nice stretch in the early and quiet morning.
 It was during low tide, the sea is so far from us.
The Pier Restaurant, opened only from 3pm onwards.

Overall, it's a nice short trip for us. A weekend to unwind ourselves from the busy city.


  1. wow.. nice post ya..
    You still can keep till so slim ya...

  2. blind! so sweet of you! i once plan a blin folded surprise for khairy to an aviator field somewhere in sungai besi. tapi tak jadi. because i wasn't confident enuff. hehe..