Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shopping in Bali

Everytime people mention about Bali, they talk about cheap things to shop there. So first thing I did when I touched down, was to walk around the streets outside my hotel.

Searching for Poppies from the map got from the hotel.

There're also branded shops. But not sure whether is it genuine.

Continue shopping at the Ubud market on the second day.

More shopping at the Candikuning fruit and vegetable market on the third day. It is located on a hill, so there're a lot of fresh vegetables and strawberries! Although it's called the fruit market, there're a lot of stalls selling clothes, bags and souvenirs.

Another medium size market near the Tanah Lot temple.

Only during the 4th night we have time to explore another side of the hotel, and visited the biggest and newest shopping mall in Kuta - Sogo @ the Discovery Shopping Mall.

Anyone lazy to walk around the markets, can just lie down on the beach, the sellers will walk around with their merchandises.

No matter where to shop, the most important rule to shop here is BARGAIN. At least 1/3 of the price they give. If not, just walk away. As I walked further from the stall, the price "drops" by itself :p

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