Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yoga in Bali

Before I went, I checked out for yoga classes in Bali. I hope I can try attending classes in different countries/places while I travel, to see what I can learn from different culture (in yoga).

I found YogaBarn - a popular place for yoga retreats, in Ubud. 1 class, walk-in price is 900.000 Rp, cheaper than YZ :p I've arranged with the local driver to go there during my 4th day in Bali.

When we reached the junction towards YogaBarn, I saw the lane inside was so narrow, I even doubt a small car can enter. But our driver insist on fetching us to the front of the building, so he entered with his van, very skillfully. The YogaBarn is right at the end of the lane. No cars around but a few motorbikes were parking in front of the entrance. I guessed we should have just walk in.

It is so different from any yoga studios in KL. It's a small hut, with the reception downstair, and the studio upstair, toilet and bathroom is outside opposite the hut.

The studio is not a room, no walls nor windows, it's open-air and have a nice paddy-field-view. It's so windy that I didn't sweat at all after 1 1/2 hour practice.

Every breath I took during the class seemed to have cleansing effect on the body, in the heart, and in the mind.

I like Megan's class, the sequence was very similar to what I've learned here. She tells legends behind the poses while we were holding it. She adjusted everyone with a gentle touch. The massage during Shavasana was great, especially the smell of the massage oil, it was very refreshing and smelled a bit like lemon. (but I forgotten to ask her what oil was it)

Many were surprise I have time for yoga class during my trip. In fact it's 1 of the item in my itinerary :)


  1. the place looks so...peaceful janice!

  2. what a wonderful journey! nature and peaceful in yoga. i wonder where can find such a nice place in kl city...