Friday, December 12, 2008

Kinsahi Japanese Restaurant

I love to eat Japanese food even after I decided to become a vegetarian. Some might think there are not much choices for vegetarians in Japanese restaurants, but I just love the feeling after eating Japanese food (if I have to eat out), the non-greasy, fresh feeling.

Last night was the first time I've seen vegetarian menu in a Japanese restaurant.

The menu full of choices,

and each dish is marked whether it contains egg. Suitable for vegans.

Although there were all kind of fish, prawn, and crab choices in the menu, I prefer not to 'indulge' in those fake meat, so I ordered a vegetable claypot soup and a vegetable fried ramen. After taken my order, the waitress asked whether I'm a vegetarian, I said 'yes', and she told me while keeping the chopsticks and plates in front of me that they serve separate dining set for vegetarians. How professional they are... (Shoba you can dine safely here :p)

But what a pity, vegetarian menu is only available in their Plaza Pelangi, JB branch. Hope they expand their business and vegetarian menu to Selangor soon.


  1. I think I haven't tried vegetarian food in a Japanese restaurant before. Next time, I must try... :)

  2. nice.. got vegetarian japanese food. come more JB ppl is vegetarian meh?hmm.. kl here should be more leh hehe..

  3. how about pricing wise? wow something new...never tried before too. still enjoying your holiday in JB?

  4. I forgotten about the exact price, but it's slightly more expensive than Sushi King and Sakae those places.
    And I'm back in KL working lor :p

  5. Seeing the menu image with variety was very impressive! When i read that they use separate dining set for vegetarians...I became shocked and speechless! I've never heard of this in any non-vege place that offer vege menu. Double thumbs up for this place!

    Now we have another place to go if we make our "team" trip to JB/Singapore :)

  6. I guess Japanese vegetarian food is healthier than the oily Chinese 'vegetarian drumsticks' and 'vegetarian cha siew'...

  7. Yes, I have to agree with that, I already sicked of vegetarian char siew.