Monday, December 22, 2008

Team Building @ Klana Resort, Seremban

It started off with a rush. I set my alarm wrongly so it didn't ring at 6 in the morning. I woke up at 6:45AM and I supposed to leave my house at 7AM! I quickly washed up, loaded everything (luggage, gifts, and other stuffs to be used during the Christmas Dinner) in the car, and drove off to Seremban.

The location map on its website is very clear, I reached the place slightly after 8AM, met with the manager who arranged our team building activities, Wendy. She arranged everything for us according to what we have agreed, and even prepared a meeting room for us to keep our luggages and other stuffs while waiting for the maids to clean the rooms for check-in.

After our morning tea, the group formation took place. We were split into 3 teams, I was in the red team (Spartan!). Before the actual team building activities, we had some warm-up through ice-breaking games. The small ice-breaking games made me panted :p

The first activity for our team was Flying Fox. I always know what to expect from Flying Fox, but when I looked at the ladder and the rope at the top of the building (4 storeys high), I got scared. I kept telling myself I must do it because it was going to affect the whole team. I climbed the ladder step by step without looking up and down, tried to reach for the next step by feeling with my arms and pulled myself up. Finally reached the platform at the top of the building. The team building instructor was waiting there. He checked my safety equipments, and kept telling me to relax and breathe. He then told me to sit at the edge of the platform, I told him I would close my eyes and just push me down. And there I went, right down to the other side of the park. Felt terrified for a second, then I actually enjoyed it. The feeling of being freed. It wasn't as scary as I thought.

Next acitivity was Rapalling. We all thought that would be tougher than Flying Fox because we got to climb down from 5th floor, and we had to control with our hands and legs (not free-fall like Flying Fox). We walked up to 5th floor by stairs. Another team building instructor was there waiting, next to the window. Again he checked my safety equipments, and told me to go near the window, step 1 leg out of the window at 1 time, stepped on a tiny platform outside the window. A rope was attached to the hook in front of my waist, I was instructed to hold the rope with my left hand in front, and right hand behind of me. Then I had to slowly release the tension of my hands holding the rope to let myself down slowly. This wasn't scary once I trust all the safety equipments that were attached to my body. I couldn't kick and release like what others do (as what the instructor shown us during demo), I was more like running on the wall while I released myself down to the ground.

Followed by Obstacle Race, I think this was the toughest as this activity was not merely on strength and courage, it was more on team work and brainstorm. The obstacles were set along the journey we were supposed to complete, and there were tons of rules we had to follow. We had to cross a pavement with stones with the correct 'rythym' (1 leg only or 2 legs together). We had to go through a big tyre hanging vertically without touching it (not even our t-shirts and pants). We had to walk on a tiny hanging plank without touching anything/anybody. We had to carry one of our member on a long bamboo stick to achieve something. And lastly was the commando crawl. I think we couldn't complete it without some hints from the team building instructor :p It was sweaty and dirty, but fun!

The Treasure Hunt in the afternoon was something different. The Treassure Hunt I heard normally have clues and lead to more clues, and finally get the answer. The Treasure Hunt we had, is merely looking for answers. We were given a hand-drawn map with coordinates, another paper with the destinations coordinates, and a blank answers sheet. We were supposed to identify all locations on the map, and look for a 4"x4" square zinc plate with something drawn on it at each identified location (may it be on the tree, on the wall or roof), and draw them on the answer sheet.

It was really a day full of rushing. After the Treasure Hunt it was almost 5PM. We social committee members gathered in the temporary meeting room to do our final preparation for the Chritmas Dinner at night - wrapping the lucky draw gifts. After 1 hour, everything was done, I rushed back to the room to bathe and get dressed because the reception for the dinner was 6:30PM! But all the rushing and hard work was worth it - seeing everyone had a wonderful night in the wonderful ballroom.

Everyone settling down.


I was too busy preparing and shopping for this event, didn't have time to shop for a dress for this dinner. Lucky we have something called the online boutique. Easily, I bought my dinner dress from Irenelim Fashion.

Also bought a pair of earrings from Ryl (and had someone to delivered to me to Seremban :D).

It was a busy, body-aching, yet fun filled night. It was fun to be part of the social committee to organize all the events. We hope for more events next year!

My fellow social committee members who I had lots of fun working with.


  1. That was such a day or rushing indeed... although you didn't post any photos of the team building activities, I can imagine it was really fun filled and full of excitements! Oh, the dress look pretty good on you! Hehe...

  2. Nice. Heard from others that the team building was fun. I'll make sure that I join next year. :)

  3. of all the pictures, my eyes just focus on the lady in black. a nice one, gal :)

  4. My eyes locked on the lady in black too! :)

  5. Could you let your good friend know about my entry dated "Tuesday, December 23, 2008"? I think she might like it. Thanks.

  6. Pray you have a Blessed Christmas! ^_^


  7. nice haircut! (:

    Merry Christmas & happy holidays.