Thursday, December 11, 2008

Modern Yoga vs. Traditional Yoga

Just done my evening practice following the YogaZone DVD. This is the first time I follow a westerner Yoga DVD (albeit I have abundant at home bought by mum). It's quite different from the classes I attended so far. It's unlike the traditional sequencing that we have Sun Salutation, Standing, Prone, Sitting, Reclining poses in the 1-hour class; it's unlike the traditional practice that we have Forward Bend, Back Bend, Balancing, Twisting, Inversion (optional) all in the 1-hour class. It's titled 'Yoga Sculpting' - first half session (20 minutes or so) of upper body sculpting, second half session (another 20 minutes or so) of lower body sculpting. It mainly worked on arms and thighs (as these are what I'm feeling sore now).

I know that some prefer a class with a specific purpose, or target, such as firming the abs, shaping arms and thighs, etc. I personally prefer to have a complete set of working on all parts of the body, and not forgetting to work on the internal organs and glands. I always have a specific target for my class, and I incorporate these poses into a traditional sequence. Mainly because this is what I was trained to be. However, I don't reject other teachings that is not conventional, as the more we learn, the more we absorb as knowledge, and we can judge what is best for us.

Now that my muscles are aching, this evening should be doing something for relieving aches and pains :p

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  1. i have abandoned my yoga glass for more than 5months now due to the tight schedule. i miss that sweating sensation, really!