Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Making sushi is not easy!

Still enjoying my holidays at home in JB.

Since I didn't have any plans today, I bought some necessary stuff for making sushi, and tried making some for dinner tonight.

Went to Jusco and bought:

Bamboo mat;

Rice vinegar;


seaweed wraps and japanese cucumber. I didn't buy the japanese rice because I think it's too expensive, just use normal rice will do :p

Thanks sis for bringing her sushi recipe book. (She doesn't cook, I wonder why she bought it)

I boiled the rice as usual, then add in the rice vinegar (1/5 of the water used for boiling the rice) + pinch of salt and sugar.

I sliced the japanese cucumber and prepared some egg mayo (hard boiled egg, smashed it, then added some mayonaise and stirred well).

Following the instructions in the recipe book, I placed a piece of cling film on top of the bamboo mat, placed the seaweed wrap in the center of the mat, spread the rice on the seaweed wrap, placed the cucumber and egg mayo in the center, then wrapped it.

First one was a failure because I didn't leave some space at the end of the seaweed wrap and the rice got squeezed out.

Subsequent rolls, were either too much or too little rice, all turned out not nice, but still edible :D

The rice was a little too sour, shall put less vinegar.
The knife wasn't sharpen to the max, so I 'distorted' some of my maki while cutting.

It's ok, try again tomorrow. Ganbatte.


  1. Hehe, the sushi doesn't look good wo. But good try...Ganbatte ne..

  2. too, after several attempts only manage to get my gimbap right. Its either too "full" or too "empty" on the filling. keep on trying & good luck!

  3. waaaaaa...best2..i pon nak try la nnt! hehe

  4. oiishii~~~~

  5. wow, seems nice. my gf also plan to make sushi too. maybe i can ask her refer to your post here. hoho... recipe stolen. :)

  6. wow.. so nice.. next time try miso soup hehe..

  7. Hehe, miso soup easy, just buy miso paste and boil in water, add some seaweed and taufu cubes :)