Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ikea TV Bench

Last year I got a RM100 Ikea gift voucher for joining their online members' survey. I love the furnitures and things from there, they always have contemporary design and innovative usage. But furnitures there are normally more expensive compared to the neighbourhood furniture shops.

With the gift voucher, I bought a simple TV bench from Ikea. It took almost 1 hour to get it fixed. Some might think fixing your own furniture is tedious but to me it's fun and brings much satisfaction.

This was the second easiest piece of furniture to fix (for all the things I bought from there). All bolts & screws fit perfectly. Although we made some mistakes but it was quickly being corrected. But hhmm, it seems a little different from what is shown in their 2009 brochure.

Anyway, I'm using it perfectly fine, so no complains :)


  1. Hi, just wondering .. is it too low for your liking? Below eye level?

  2. Mm...looks better in brochure wo. But RM199, not so bad la. :)

  3. Not bad for a RM100 item! How are you enjoying your DIY? :)

  4. happy new year,
    to know more,

  5. Uh... the metal bars shown on the brochure?
    Maybe they printed wrong picture. Nevermind, it still looks nice :)

  6. Simple but nice. No 42" LCD TV? :)