Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ikea white computer desk

It wasn't my plan to buy my computer desk from Ikea. I've surveyed some furniture shops and set my budget at RM250 for a 6 ft long table, just table without drawers or those PC-allocation-parts (CPU space, keyboard drawer, etc).

Last Sunday I went to Ikea to get the pet's poo bag (they used to sell it at very cheap price but I couldn't find it anymore, why they discontinue it? :( ) Disappointedly, we walked to the exit through the store section, then we saw this white computer desk being displayed at the hallway. It's 100cm long and costs RM95 each (RM55 for the table top, and RM10 for each leg of the table - the usual Ikea pricing method). I like it at first sight. We measured with the paper measuring tape provided there, to make sure the length is what we wanted (100cm is around 3.3ft). We also checked how the legs are fixed to the table - besides the easiness to fix, we have to make sure it doesn't wobble). After all the checking, we took 2 sets. With just a screwdriver, it's easily fixed. I like the color and the simple design. But 1 of them isn't level (not sure whether it's the floor or the legs of the table) so I have to slipped a piece of folded paper under the leg to make it stable.

2 new computer desks at my family hall. Hhmm, need to get some cable-ties to make the cables tidier - why can't everything be wireless?

This chair was displyed with the desk in the store, but it costs more than the desk - RM169. It's very comfortable and nice. When I get it some other day, then it will be more of the reason for me to work from home more often :p


  1. Nice nice. 1 chair only?... Looks like that blue chair is also from ikea wor...

  2. Its gorgeous! If you are looking for Modern Computer Furniture. Casamodern is the right destination for you.

  3. Buy that director chair, and you could really work from home comfortably! :)

  4. the table is very neat and comfortable!

  5. Director chair bought liao? :)

  6. Not yet oh, but Ikea having sales now, good time to go shopping!