Friday, February 20, 2009

Applying dog license for Daerah Sepang

It's a super troublesome thing to do.

First I went to the MPS (Majlis Perbandaran Sepang) office to get the form. 1 application form, and 4 forms for my neighbours to acknowledge and sign to say that they agree with me keeping dogs (that's fine, and fair).

Then I have to take pictures of my dogs in their cages in my house compound, to show that my dogs are well-kept and not running around disturbing others.

I prepared everything and went to submit the forms, photos and their vaccination cards. The officer in MPS photocopied the vaccination cards for reference, and returned me a photocopied application form with receival acknowledgement. She said within 14 days, officers from MPS will come to the house to inspect (whether the address is correct, and whether the dogs really staying at the stated address). They will come during working hours. I told her I need to work and nobody will be at home during working days/hours. She said that the officers will give me a call when they are coming, then I can arrange with them :| (Only they need to work, dog owners don't need to work?) After the inspection and if everything is alright, then they will call me to collect the licenses (RM12 each per year). Before getting the licenses, if the dogs got caught walking around without licenses, I can show them the photocopied application form with receival acknowledgement, or else I will be fined for RM200-RM300.

Anyway, now still waiting for their call. I wonder, do owners need to apply licenses for their cats?


  1. Be patient:)

    The process became complicated if compared with last time. Before that, we called the vet and did the injection at home and my dad took the cert to pasir gudang then get the license straightly.

    Well, cats dun need the license as they can be bite freely & killed accidentally by my beloved wongwong aka michael last time. :)

  2. Oh, dealing with those departments is no surprisingly troublesome. Anyway, you do look like you like dogs a lot... how many you have?

  3. I have 2 - both of them in the photos, I definitely love them like my kids.

  4. Woof woof... dogs barking haha...

  5. Just some update, the dog owner do not need agreement from neighbours any more.

    Document needed:
    1. IC of the owner
    2. Color photo of the dog (4R size or print)
    3. Injection records.

    For the first time you need to go to Sepang HQ, renewer can be done at branch.



  6. Good to hear that, simpler process :)