Saturday, May 23, 2009

Daidomon @ Great Eastern Mall

A friend showed me the Daidomon promotion e-flyer last Thursday. We spontaneously decided to go try it out today. We've tried Jogoya promotions for several times and we think their service is terribly lousy during promotion period, we were thinking whether it would be the same for Daidomon.

Amazingly, the food is nice and the service is even better! This was our first time having Japanese BBQ, we do not know what to order and the waitress kindly suggested and brought the food to be BBQ-ed to us in her most friendly smile. She explained to us how to use the stove/hot plate, and came to check on us (and other customers) from time to time whether we need anything else or any help. This is so different from other eat-all-you-can restaurants when having promotion where they usually are 'too busy' to refill or take your order.

Daidomon serves a full range of buffet main dishes, beverages and wine.

Got my main dish and salad from the buffet line.

Fried rice, fried noodle, stir-fried vegetables, Maki (a bit messy looking though), potato salad and deep fried vegetable pie

I love the japanese salad dressing.

It also provides a menu which we can order raw meat and vegetables for BBQ.

Too bad they didn't have the Yasai Tempura today.

After the BBQ, we had fresh fruits, fruit cocktail and ice-cream for dessert. And I have to say, all self-service ice cream gives me a hard time, regardless it's Walls or Häagen-Dazs, I always have aching fingers after scooping it.

Not worth paying 39.90++ for vegetables only? I enjoyed the food as well as the get-together and it was all worthed it.


  1. Long time didn't go for buffet de. Took sandwich only after gym..Sad Sad...

  2. Aiyo, don't torture yourself :)

  3. I havent been to jogoya before ne..