Friday, May 22, 2009

My breakfast today

Keen Yee always complain about my heavy yet unhealthy breakfast. So this morning I prepared something 'considered' healthy.

There are many ways to make French toast. When I was young, the mum-way was dip the bread in beaten eggs, pan-fry it, spread butter/margarine on it and sprinkle some sugar on it. My way of doing it now is dip the bread in beaten eggs (sometimes I add a little fresh milk in it), pan-fry it with olive margarine (more fragrant) and sprinkle some sugar on it (raw brown sugar). A bit of oiliness and sweetness always make the food tastier but we can be eating healthier by choosing our ingredients wisely.

I did not add milk into the eggs today because I prefer to enjoy it just by itself. The Anlene Concentrate is my new favourite now. Those who dislike milk because of its cow-y smell should try this, vanilla flavoured milk.


  1. hmmmm, it's difficult to tell how healthy things are.. but i always allow free-style breakfast, as it's the most important meal in a day - so just enjoy whatever you would love to.. Keen Yee is on "diet" maa, so please bear with him lor, kekeke :p

  2. But all the butter and milk is full of cholestrol too, right? ^^


  3. That's why have to choose your ingredients wisely :) Nowadays a lot of low cholestrol food, but the price is higher :p

  4. Aiks..Was I complaining too much? Cause you ate nasi lemak almost everyday, while I dare not even to touch it. But anyhow, you can afford to eat those unhealthy breakfast la. Keke...

  5. Hehe, I had fried kueh teow this morning :p

  6. Wow, this is really a nice break from the usual nasi lemak. 5 minutes enough to prepare this or not? If not, then I guess no choice but to continue with nasi lemak still... :)