Thursday, May 21, 2009

When migraine strikes

I love teaching (or should be sharing knowledge of) yoga. But there were times I felt reluctant to go to class, that’s when migraine strikes. While struggling with the pain in my head, I struggled to send out the class cancellation email. Skipping my own class is more guilty compared to skipping other's classes, especially they only got to practice once a week.

Most of the time I dragged myself to class during these moments. And I never regretted because I always feel good yoga-ing. Even though it’s merely 1 hour it makes me forget about the unendurable pain. The pain do comes back after class (saddest fact is only pain-killer subsides the pain), but I just wish to make myself feel good for as much time as possible in my life.


  1. wow....ur passion is amazing. articles commonly talk about watching out for the triggers like food, odor, sunlight (really hot these days), etc.

  2. Very true, strong sun outside and super cold air-con inside the office make my head so vulnerable :p

  3. So far as i know there is no exact cure for migraine, except for the painkillers. My hubby too, suffer from the same problem and will end up being moody the whole day. BTW, how was your BKK shopping trip? :)

  4. Aih~ We cancelled it, afraid of red shirts + swine flu...
    It's good too so that we have more leave for wedding :p

  5. take care ya...migraine headaches sucks..