Wednesday, September 10, 2008

adidas Yoga + Dance Gathering II

Right after work, I went home to change (not much choices on adidas, but I tried not to wear rival brands at all), and quickily rushed to The Gardens.

Reached there around 6:40PM, too early, so went for a walk in the shopping mall before went back to the Ballroom again. By the time I arrived the Ballroom the second time, there's a long queue for reception.

Waited for around 15 mins before I could register. At that time most of them that registered are from the media, the hall was still empty.

It was still early, I loitered around the place, and had chance to catch a few shots with the celebrities.
Amber Chia.


Finally the event started after the Buka Puasa dinner, started off with the cat-walk from the stars showing the adidas Fall/Winter 2008 collections followed by a song presented by one of the Malaysian Idol.

Ladies were high and danced along.

Then it was a dance session with celebrity instructor - Baby-G.

I followed this for the first half session then kong-ed out. So sat aside and snapped some photos.

Next was the Yoga session by Ninie, this was what I mainly came for.

Luckily back from my toilet break I still able to get first row seat. It was a great session and it wasn't easy as she claimed :p The Cobra series kills me.

When the event ended, more shootings.
Group photo.

First time yoga-posing with Ninie, malu-lah(shame). She asked whether can pose Side Crow with her. No lar, I still need a lot of practice, hopefully next event :p

Henry, 1 of the MC for the night.

Posing with Rainbeau Mars.

It was a beautiful all-ladies party/dance/yoga night, but the next day back to the reality again - work!


  1. Seems like you had a great time. You are good good as Ninie in that pose. Hehe! Glad you had good time in that event.

  2. That was a night mainly for yoga outfit?

    Good le, you got the adidas yoga mat ya..