Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy holidays!

No more YZ, but luckily I have a place to practice yoga with my fellow Monsterianz every Tuesday and Wednesday. Although I'm the one teaching, I feel I'm actually learning and improving with them. I hope they feel the positive changes in their body and mind as I do.
Hope everyone enjoy the Hari Raya Puasa holidays (long weekend for me), forgive mistakes of others and ourselves.


  1. flexible body, have a nice day

  2. I cannot do that.. My stomach still cannot touch my legs.. Why? My back problem?

  3. Not your back keeyit, is the hip joints flexibility. Practice, practice, practice. It took me years.

  4. Teaching is the best way to learn...

  5. man, my belly too big to do that.. let alone my over-stiffed thigh..

    u sure did great!

  6. hi janice!

    unfortunately, all of the photos taken in william's house warming were all gone, due to my memory card being corrupted a few days later. sorry!

    btw, make sure my sister isn't sleeping in yoga class :P