Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Single-arm Plank pose

As usual, Friday I went to YC Puchong for morning class. It was Jessie's Slim Hot.

I like to prepare my students with Plank followed by Single-Legged Plank pose before their arm balancing poses. When holding Plank pose comes too easy, Single-Legged Plank adds in some challenges for the arms and core.

Jessie also added a series of poses for strengthening arms on that day.

"Stay in your Plank, lift your right leg off the floor."

"Now release your right leg, lift your left leg."

"Now release your left leg, lift your right hand."

I was like huh? I thought it was a joke. When I looked around, everyone was doing, I knew it wasn't a joke and tried to lift my right hand off the mat and I collapsed. Ouch, it's really hard. Especially when I had to keep both hips level - lifting the right hand, unconsciously, I shifted my weight to the left arm and caused the body slanted to the left side.

Well, now I know, when holding Single-Legged Plank comes too easy, Single-Arm Plank adds in some challenges for the arms and core.


  1. there are teachers did ask to lift right hand N left leg at the same time & vice versa :) i believe combining pilates & yoga really helps .. alot


  2. Hi, I see you are a very good yogi. Unlike me, I have no such dedication as yours. Good for you. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Hehe!