Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Adidas Yoga + Dance Gathering

Thanks to my friends on spreading the news to me (through Facebook, MSN, blog entry). Thanks to femmething for selecting me as 1 of the winner of the contest.

I was waiting for femmething's email reply and I thought there's no chance anymore because the event is tomorrow. This morning when my email pops up with "Congrats!" I was too surprise, as I wasn't really creative in my entry pose (it was really a last minute job).

I've postponed my teaching to Thursday, and I shall remember to charge my camera, prepare my Adidas outfit, and wait for 5PM tomorrow :)


  1. Hi mang0,

    I wish you Good Luck & All The BEST!

  2. Congrats, your pose is absolutely cool. I can't do that i know.

  3. Told you, you'd win! ;)

    But it will be an easy session tomorrow (you have been warned) since some of the celebrities and participants might have never ever tried yoga before.

    Hope you will still have and find some fun though! See you tomorrow!

  4. wow!! congrats janice! i mean..congrats sifu!

  5. wow! congrats! u r really good in yoga! i can hardly do it :(

  6. Congratulations to you le... Well done...

  7. Wow. Congrats to you. Thats certainly some impressive bending ! :D

  8. congrats gal!
    i think i will break into pieces before i can do that =.=

    thanks for dropping by ya :)