Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A' Famosa gathering

It was meant to be a gathering of colleagues and ex-colleagues, it turned out to be more a dog event than a human event - 11 of us, with 5 dogs. We had BaiBai the Spitz, Dagger the mongrel, Jan the mongrel, Yumi the Shih Tzu and Mocha (AKA the King) the Chihuahua, a mixture of everything.

Courtesy of Lydia - half of the group.

We stayed in a double storey bungalow, 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms 1 kitchen and 1 swimming pool.

This was the second time BaiBai went to A' Famosa, Dagger's first time. But they both settled down and mixed around soon after we reached.

We mingled for a while, fed the dogs, then went out to have dinner at Tampin, bringing Mocha along.

After dinner, despite the rain, we drove south to Malacca. Food in Jonker Walk was our motivation. The rain begun to stop when we reached there. It was still drizzling a little but obviously the crowd there (and us) didn't mind. We sat down and had Cendol in one of the dessert shop, and all of us bought some food to eat along the way and some for supper. I personally went there for Abacus Beads (Suan Pan Zi).

We left Jonker Walk about an hour later. We passed by the Malacca River when we were walking towards our cars. We saw a Ferris Wheel at the other side of the river.

All were discussing whether it was the Eye of Malaysia - some said yes, some said it's too small to be the Eye of Malaysia. Anyway we gave up guessing and decided to Google about it when we come back.

We headed back to our bungalow, let the dogs out to do their final 'business' for the night, and we all gathered in the hall eating, drinking and Guitar Hero-ing. The dogs were busy walking around the house.

In pyjama, time for bed.

The next morning, BaiBai woke up (and woke me up) at 7:30 as usual. It was a pretty sunny morning, let them out at the yard and they had their satisfied morning walk.

Dagger had run off the leash once and we almost lost her, so we are very careful when we bring her out for walk. The yard of the bungalow we stayed in was fenced up with brick walls, so we were very sure and felt safe to let her loose and run about. We had a great time watching her exploring the yard :)

Dogs had all their fun, and the fun for us started after breakfast, when we wanted to pack and check out, we decided to have a game of Twister before we leave. I saw this game on TV a few times, watching others play is always fun, and it was REALLY fun when I tried it myself. We had great laughs and I think the dogs must be laughing in their hearts too.

Courtesy of Lydia - Dogs: What are they doing?

Courtesy of Lydia - Trying really hard not to get kicked out of the game.

Courtesy of Lydia - Only palms and feet can touch the floor, really tiring.

Courtesy of Lydia - Everyone was laughing, those who were playing and those who were watching. I laughed my tears out while playing.

It was a great trip and I love going A' Famosa not because of the Water Park or Safari or the Cowboy Town, it's because we can have holiday with our pets :) Hope we can discover more places like this.


  1. Nice positions with Twister game and fun gathering with all the dogs! opps..i mean with colleagues and ex-colleagues.. hehe.. :)

  2. i always salute pet overs for their patience and care towards the animal.

  3. Haha... I haven't played Twister before, but looks like someday must give it a try... looks really fun! Those who practice yoga should have an edge in this game hor?

  4. what a fun game! i love twister.. =)