Friday, March 27, 2009

Curtains for living hall

I decided to sew curtains for all the windows in my house. Meassured the length and width and bought the material from Kamdar. But for months, I only managed to complete the ones for my living hall and my room - too busy with work, life, and dogs.

When I first completed for the living hall, I got very excited (my first time sewing curtains) but when I hung it I went 'Oh no!~', it was dragging on the floor, almost could be the backdrop for photo studio. It was left dragging until I finally got some free time to alter it.

I reckon almost everything is hard to build but easy to destroy, except sewings. It took me 1/2 hour to unpick it, the re-sewing only took 10 minutes.

Yet, after first time alteration, it was still a little too long. It's either my measuring technique or sewing technique is lousy, or blame it on the tool :p The first time I used the plastic sewing measuring tape, the second time I used the retractable metal measuring tape (as I think it's more accurate as it can stay 'steady' when it's locked) and I finally got it right, yeah~

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  1. Simply brilliant! I just ask people to do it... haha, so much easier, costs lots of $$$ though. :)