Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Easy Purvottanasana

During our Twister game last weekend, many said that this game benefits those who practices Yoga. I'm half-agreed. It's true that one needs the flexibility to stretch, and the strength to hold own body with only palms and feet on the ground. Flexibility and strength can be achieved by practicing Yoga and other exercises, and it depends on individual (some might be borned with super flexibility without practicing).

One of the pose they reminded me of is the Table Top pose (an easy version of Purvottanasana), as most of the time (in this game) this pose comes handy - placing hands in front of the body is something we used to do, but placing hands behind without sitting on the ground is something we don't usually like to do.

During my first few practices of this pose, I thought it required lots of arm strength. Now I came to realize that, the correct way (or more comfortable-for-wrist way) is to lift the body up using the hips strength. So I always remind my class to use more of the hips to lift up instead of depending only on the arms, so that it doesn't strain too much on the shoulders, elbows and wrists.

However, Twister doesn't only require these, because there will be many hands and legs coming in between blocking your way, it requires creativity too! I want to play it again~


  1. Twister is such a difficult game it seems... I will just let it pass this time. :)

  2. Wow, nice blog you have here! i just started learning yoga, it's really an enjoyable class and fun! Keep up the great work!