Friday, March 27, 2009

White book shelf

This is the biggest piece of furniture (so far) we bought from Ikea - 202cm tall, not to mention very heavy too. It has 3 colors, I picked white to match with my white computer desk.

I think I'm not only in love with Ikea furnitures, I'm addicted to fix my own furnitures too!

I like it big, simple and flexible, the shelves in between are adjustable to different heights to fit files, magazines and books of different sizes.

Another thing I like about it is the nice curve fitting at the bottom of the shelf, which allow it to 'lean' against the wall without a little gap.

We weren't aware of this when we saw the display set and we thought it was a defect when we took out the pieces of planks from the box :p

It's not only a book shelf, it can be an elegant display cabinet when glass doors are fixed to it. Thinking of getting another one to be placed beside it :)


  1. Really an elegant bookshelf. Are those computer books there at the lowers shelf?

  2. Yes, all computer books, but not mine, I don't wish to keep them too but no choice :p

  3. I see another Ikea fan here...same like me...hahaha...

  4. a nice one! how much does it cost?

  5. RM185, definitely worth the money :)

  6. Rm185, not bad wo. Maybe I can get 1 to put inside my room. Need to better manage all my books.

  7. Hi hi, long time no dropped by..

    How's are you recently?
    Saw your previous post about the your wedding preparation.. congratz la