Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My wedding shoe

I tried on a pair of gold color heels in Vincci and a pair of Santa Barbara heels in MidValley, then went through all shoe boutiques in The Gardens and Sunway Pyramid. Eventually, I got my pair from Lewré in One Utama.

I like the design of its embedded bling-bling in the shoe, although it's not real diamond or not even Swarovski (they do have shoes with Swarovski but I didn't buy those).

It's 3 inches high, but it is comfortable to wear and walk in.

I saw a few pairs in other boutiques too, but most of those satin shoes seemed old and stained, even it was a new pair from the box. I think I should start surveying how to take care mine.


  1. Wah...nice. Have you selected the wedding date yet? If you need help or info, feel free to ask me la...I have learnt a thing or two for my own wedding few years back. Hehe!

  2. Date selected :)
    Actually you have indirectly adviced me, I saw some of your replies in the bridal forum :)

  3. for your big day?> hehe..nice. i got mine from Lewré too! they are a collection, ain't they?

  4. Ya, a collection of bridal shoes, so many choices, prices vary too :p Couldn't afford too expensive one...

  5. nice!!!!...LEWRE is good choice! :)

  6. Wow, that's really nice. Last time I used a pair of Crocs only... made in China imitation type. :)