Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2011

I thought this book sale is only for children books (that's why I missed the one last year), until a colleague told me it's for all kinds of books and her photos of purchase convinced me. More importantly, the prices are too tempting, ranging from RM5-RM25. I decided to go right after work.

The place is conveniently located near office, with highway free from traffic, we reached in 20 mins, and walked another 10 mins to reach the exhibition hall - impatient to wait for the feeder bus. It's a Monday, the hall wasn't as crowded as weekend. Books were nicely arranged in categories, and most of them were tidily-stacked brand new books. Boxes were provided as "shopping bag", I even saw a few pushing trolleys and luggage bags for their purchases. We were just strolling along each section, picking and flipping books that look interesting, nothing particular in mind. I picked a few books and proceed to the cashier, so nice to shop during weekdays, the cashier were quite empty.

I think I left the hall with the least purchase:

3x novels about dogs - besides a few exceptions (Eat, Pray, Love and P.S. I love you), all my novels are about dogs, non-fictions. I love reading how dogs of different breeds, sizes, temperaments affect life of their owners and people around them. I'm enjoying this happiness, and enjoy reading others.
2x traveling books - I'm backpacking to these countries. It's good to know more.
2x recipe books - hubby flipped through the books and decided these are the dishes he likes.
2x baking trays - haha! what a place to get cheap baking trays. I think these were originally free gifts along with purchase of cook books.

Spent RM84 for all these, some are hard covered and colored pages, it's really a great deal.

This sale attracted so many people and all went home without empty hands, are we merely going for cheap deals or the price of books in our country is too high causing us to buy/read less? Whatever, I will come back next year!

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