Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Slow Cooker Pumpkin Porridge

It's time challenging for a working woman to take care of household chores after her 9-to-5 job, let alone cooking dinner during working days. Cooking itself takes time, and preparing the ingredients too. I'm always searching for ideas on quick-prepared food for me and my husband.

I got the slow cooker porridge idea from some mommies' blogs. They have to take care of their toddlers (especially busy if they are not sleeping) and at the same time prepare porridge for them, have to make sure the porridge doesn't overflow or dries up/overcooked, and most importantly have to make sure they remember to turn off the stove when it's done. So boiling porridge in slow cooker with a timer solves all the problem.

 And I use this idea to get my dinner prepared when I'm out to work. 

I rinsed the rice and cut the pumpkin in cubes, placed everything in the slow cooker with 3/4 water in the pot, turned on the switch and timed the timer to switch on from 2PM to 6PM.

Nice and warm organic pumpkin porridge awaits me at home :) Served with some acar.

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  1. Yes. I always told my friends if my kitchen need a cooking essential, I will first buy the slow cooker. I can do alot of things using slow cooker such as cook soup, cook tong shui, cook porridge, "men" pork/duck/chicken .......