Friday, August 22, 2008

Morning Hot Yoga

Friday is the only day I'm free in the morning to go for class at YC Puchong. For the whole week, the 8AM class there was Hatha, which I really like. But today was Slim Hot. I still went for it because who knows next week there might be no more classes?

Kim set the room temperature to 36°C, not too warm and I enjoyed it. It's actually quite nice to be in a Hot class early in the morning as my body was still stiff, the heat helped a lot in all the stretching and bending, and having a good sweat in the morning feels good for my brain. After class, I feel fresh, happier and lighter (mentally of course, slimming wasn't my intention at all for this class).

Thank god I struggled to wake up from bed this morning :)

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