Sunday, August 3, 2008

My new camera

I always wanted to get a new camera, a smaller one that allows me to easier point-and-shoot. After months of considerations, I still haven't bought one because actually my current one still works fine (waiting for a better reason).

Last week mum mentioned that she wants to get a camera. I suggested to give her my Sony DSC-P8 and I get a new one :p

I decided to get the Canon Ixus 860 because it is said to be 1 of the top compact camera now, even it has been on the market for 1 year.

Went to PC Fair yesterday and the salesgirl at the Canon booth told me, the price has dropped to RM999 (originally RM1299) with some freebies - 2GB + 1GB SD card, leather casing, screen protector, and metal neck strap.

Another promotion for this camera was RM1099 with 4GB + 1GB and other same freebies. At that time, I didn't know what's the price of a 2GB SD card to consider which is a better deal. She adviced me to take the RM999 deal because if I think 3GB is not enough in the future, I can easily get more for cheaper price as it's something that the price drops a lot. I took her advice. (And later I went to check the price of SD cards, 2GB for RM50 :p) By using credit card to pay, I have to be charged extra 1.5% for service charge. She was nice to round up the figure for me to RM1010, and gave me another metal neck strap as compensation. Her service was good and the price is right, it didn't took me long to decide to pay for it.

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  1. Wah.. new camera wor.. I am still using my SE phone camera.. It has 3.2.. So it is enough for me for now.