Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wakes up to a brand new day

One of my greatest joy in life is waking up in the morning seeing BaiBai beside me wakes up at the same time and starts his get-out-of-bed stretching routine - Downward Facing followed by Upward Facing Dog. It was after I attended my Yoga TTC and started observing him, I realised it is really the fact that ancient yogis imitating the animals' most comfortable and beneficial pose as yoga pose.

After his stretch, he'll be sitting and smiling at me, waiting for me to open the door for him to go out for his business. It's like no matter what makes him feel sad or down the night before, he's now again opens his eyes and heart to welcome a brand new day, hoping for a great day ahead.

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  1. Animals can teach us a thing or two if we observe. :)