Friday, August 8, 2008

Re-practicing in YZ

It's glad to know that all centers of YZ have reopened this week. For the whole week, I have no empty slots in my schedule except for this morning, so I went for an early class before starting my work at home.

Door is opened as usual, front-desk checked my membership card as usual (no hard-selling on RM99 vouchers), students rushed into class getting a best seat as usual. What was unusual, is the topic of the crowded students. Everybody was chatting/discussing/explaining about the use of the RM99 vouchers. Some treat it as donation to the center, some treat it as an encouragement to the teachers and other staffs (It is actually to be pooled as a fund for the salary of teachers and staffs for this month - explanation from Zen). Yoga class room is no longer a peaceful place.

It supposed to be a Yin class, but Zen made it a Yin-Yang class knowing that many of us would enjoy a more dynamic class after a long rest. She was professional to maintain the quality of class and her care to the students though everything she (and other teachers) do for this month is out of willingness, for free.

Although this is the first time I attended her class, I was touched by her sincerity and determination. I'm so sure that I'm going to buy the RM99 voucher, not for my own use, but to spread the love of yoga, the love of all the remaining teachers here.


  1. Yin-Yang would be a great class to do. If you practice at night, then a Hot or Flow class followed by Yin would do wonders for your sleep!

  2. Zen is also the superwoman in Yoga Zone, she can teach so many classes a day then still can maintain her smile, all the other teachers didn't want to help cause no salary, but she's so different, she keep on explaiing to us the situation and gave us confidence. Heard that because she supported TJ too much, now she's being kicked out from Yoga Zone, if the new lady boss doesn't know how to aprreciate this gem in Yoga Zone, I doubt about their capability to revive Yoga Zone. Zen, where are you? I want to join your class! The teachers now in Cheras only keeps on badmouth you and TJ, no yoga mind, sigh....

  3. I am also new to Yoga, but i fall in love after attended Zen's class in Kepong. For all the beginners, please you must try Zen's class. i am sure you will love it too....somemore she is pretty and always smiling. not like some of the teacher always look at the clock and hoping the class will finish as soon as possible. But i heard that new lady boss kicked her out from the teacher team because she supports TJ, if they have this kind of mindset, i doubt the new management under the lady called Lay Gaik can turn things around. ZEN!!!!!! where are you??? we all miss you class. Please let me know if you teach in other center, i will definitely transfer to the center.

  4. Puchong members miss Zen class so so much le..

    Zen pls COME BACK!!!

  5. Dear all Kaki:

    Hello, this is Zen, I feel very touch you all still remember me and showed your support to me. Life without seeing you all is a bit hard and lonely for me toooooo and how is life????

    I am not teaching officially in any of the existing Yoga Centers yet but very soon i will be and i hope all of you all KAKI can come and try it out. The date is not official but if you all really want to have some fun, please come to PLaza Kelana Jaya at the lake, opposite Yamaha music Schoool at LDP,(every sunday, 7.45am, starting from 28th of September), Dawid, Sean and myself are conducting some outdoor mind and body refreshing Yoga practices there and is absolutely free of charge.

    Well hope to see you all soon, take care and cheers....... ^0^