Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yoga is about feeling good

A friend in office told me he's planning to withdraw from my class because he felt it's too advance for him. Sadly to say, they have only 1 class with me every week, I plan every class of mine intermediate so that it won't bore the regulars, at the same time it won't scare the beginners away. I don't make 1 of my class of the week beginner and another advance to provide flexibility to some that might not make it for Tuesday, they can come for Wednesday's class (or vise versa).

I always tell my class, it is absolutely alright to skip any poses in the class if they really can't do it, or don't feel good, or simply don't feel like it, but it's good to just try. Providing easier options/variations seems to work for some students but the competitive ones usually push themselves to be the "best". We should always ignore the peer pressure among the students in the class as everyone is different. But of course, I didn't persuade him further as he knows what is best for him. Just feel that I should do better in future to not demotivate anybody in the class but instead to make people feel good about themselves.


  1. Yeah, my yoga instructor also told us that if you cannot do that post then no need to force, soon or later with continuous practices I can do that..

    I am beginner of yoga. That's why I also din do the post that difficult for me.

  2. What make you like yoga so much :D