Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sushi Zanmai @ The Gardens

Since I decided to remove meat from my diet, Sushi is always what I opt for when I'm out at shopping centers.

After looking at the menu outside of the restaurant, we find it isn't too pricey and gave it a try.

It was a long queue at around 7PM, we were lucky to get a place just after 5 mins of queueing because it was only 2 of us, we were brought to a small yet comfortable 2-seated cubicle.

Potato Mayo - appetizer.

Sansai Udon - main course.
The introduction in the menu of this is "Udon soup with edible wild vegetables".

Aji Shiitake sushi - seasoned Shiitake mushroom.
Natto sushi - fermented beans.
I don't like the fermented beans, Natto supposed to be healthy, I wonder can it be eaten fresh?

Tamago sushi - pan-fried egg.

All these with 4-5 cups of warm Ocha (green tea), a satisfying dinner on the first day of Hari Raya.


  1. looks like a nice place. how much did the bill came to ?

  2. 2 of us RM67.
    Comparing individual dishes, same or lower price than Sushi King :)

  3. Sushi is not completely meat-free...

  4. Looks good, but I haven't dine there before. :)

  5. Not that expensive ma.. reasonable la.. So nice to have a good dinner..

    Are you working today? I m working today :(

  6. khengsiong: For sure sushi not all meat-free, but at least can get something from there without need to customize it to be vegetarian.

    neo: Can try, quite-good-quality food, good service, nice ambience :)

    keeyit: I got no plans for Friday but I took leave to make it a long holiday :p

  7. Hmm... still haven't tried yet. :)