Monday, October 27, 2008

Vegetarian Sambal Chili

I thought I would have to give up all food with sambal because sambal is always made using dried prawn.

But I found it! The vegetarian sambal chili :) It has the fragrance of the usual sambal, minus the "fishy" smell, which doesn't matter to me because what I like is the spicyness.

Singlong Vegetarian Sambal Chili.

I used it for my Nasi Lemak last night, yummy!

Rice boiled with coconut milk (Nasi Lemak), fried onions with sambal, fried peanuts and sliced cucumber.

Next I can try cooking sambal petai, sambal prawn, sambal ...

Hhmm, do we also have vegetarian Belacan? :p


  1. mmm that looks delicious.... :P~~~

  2. u cooked nasi lemak??
    waaa.....all of the suddden im starving janice!!

  3. Looks yummy.

    Have tried many brands of vegetarian sambal balacan. Tien Hee brand fm Johor is best so far.

  4. Wow, you cooked it by yourself? Should invite me to taste it next time, and I will drive down immediately