Saturday, October 11, 2008

Vegetarian menu @ Ikea Restaurant & Café

I always take my lunch at Ikea if I'm shopping around there. Besides the free tea I get using my Ikea Friends Visa card, the restaurant serves 1 vegetarian menu everyday, rotating between Vegetarian Burger with fries and Vegetarian Fish Curry.

I don't like the burger, it doesn't taste like burger, but like some indian kuih. The fish curry is very nice, spicy, big portion, and the best part is, the vegetables in it wasn't over-boiled in the curry, it is softly boiled and the curry and fish is poured onto it when served, making the vege still tastes fresh and juicy.

Can more people feedback that we want more variety of vegetarian menu?


  1. Every time I go to Ikea, I leave my comments: need more vege meal variety, please make the curry puffs veggie too (this would make great snack after a long day shopping there). Sadly, they just stick to one vege menu for lunch. I really hope they read the feedback/comments on vege meal and provide variety.

    Do you know, there is a limit in this meal only?? Once I was rather late for lunch there. I was sooo looking forward for a veggie meal as I was reallyyyyy hungry. Was surprised they response i got was “veggie meals for the day is finished. Please choose another order."
    Everything non-veggie on the menus were still available for order. Sob...sob... :(

  2. remember i told u b4, i wish to b a vege oso?? but i failed after 2 weeks. cos i can't tahan....very hard 4 me to have different & tasty meal everyday. in some stall, they sell vege char-siew la, fish la, kari ayam la...but those "vege meat" a not healthy food. then i dono wat to cook. everyday almost the same food/vege i cook..cook soup la..fried vege la...kari vege la...balik balik same menu...feel i quit oredi...but in my meal, less meat, more vege.
    this is the vege menu i cook when i was a "2-week vegetarian" ..hahaha..

    1.herbs soup : red & black dates, yuk-zuk,dangui,fresh shitek, tinned mushroom, fired fu-zuk, small tauhu
    2. "ma-lak-tauhu" : soft tauhu ,sesame oil, ginger, carrot,spring onion,sugar, soy sauce, cili
    3. porridge : carrot, corns,onion, ginger, vege abalone
    4.sweet ginger-wine soup : sesame oil, ginger, wine, egg, sugar (can replaced with brown sugar or rock sugar)
    5. steam egg
    6. kari : kari powder, santan, cabbage, terung,long bean, fried fu-zuk
    6.fried variety of green vege
    7.glutinous rice (steam) : g/rice, fresh shitek, vege oyster sos,blck soy sos, soy sos, beans, nuts
    8.popiah : long bean, sa-kot,egg,cili, taugeh

  3. i wish can be a vegeterian too after attend TTC, but failed too! But now i cut meat & more vege. I totally didnt take pork, but kesian my husband. :D

  4. i left tomato egg...very nice

  5. wansee, I think your menu is so nice ler, make me feel hungry lor... :)