Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fleeceflower Root & Celery Porridge (首乌芹菜粥)

I was at home last weekend flipping a cook book. It's all chinese herbs related dishes, for natural way of increase immune system and preventing diseases. Something caught my attention - the chinese herb Fleeceflower Root (何首乌). As the chinese name suggested, it's good for treating premature graying of hair. I have this problem since few years ago when I first started working.

This is a very simple dish. The ingredients are:

1. 50g He Shou Wu - I bought from Eu Yan Sang, RM 4.00 for 100g.

2. Brown rice

3. Celery

4. Vegetarian sausages/ham (original recipe is using lean pork meat)

5. 600-800ml water

1. Chop the meat and celery. Rince brown rice.

2. Cook He Shou Wu with water. Remove He Shou Wu and pour the soup into a pot. Place rice into the pot. Cook until porridge is well done.

3. Add meat and celery when the porridge is almost done. Add a little salt for seasoning.

Seriously, it isn't delicious. But it's healthy and good for my hair, I give it a try. I think next time I shall put more celery to make it sweeter.

No~ BaiBai, your hair is always/supposed to be white!


  1. The problem is that my hair doesnt turn grey,it just drops off keke! Know any herbal remedies for me, PLEASE?

  2. Hahahaha! Bai also got white hair why can't he eat leh? :P Hmmm come to think of it, he's more yellow than white la :P

  3. Doesn't it weird the taste.. ?

  4. I wonder where can bought the vegetarian sausage?

  5. BiologicalClockTicking,
    I think this also helps in hair growth :)

    My mum says, if you use pork meat, definitely taste nice, haha...

    Anonymous 2,
    I always get it from Jusco, I think most of the branches have it, at the cold storage department.