Friday, October 10, 2008

Dagger's first day

When I decided to have a second dog, I insist on adopting than buying because there are too many abandoned dogs around, I wish I can help them instead of promoting irresponsible breeding of pets.

I named her Dagger, because I like the character of Dagger (Princess Garnet) in Final Fantasy 9.

We got her back from a rescue home @ Old Klang Road. When we were there, she was barking at BaiBai when she saw him, but she backed off when we wanted to stroke her. We realised that she was barking because she's unsure and scared of the strangers. Jacqueline (the rescuer) said that she will be a good guard dog at home, she's not easy with strangers.

And indeed, when we brought her home, she's watchful against us. She's scared of us, scared of BaiBai, scared of the environment. Her tail is permanently retracted into her body. For the whole night, she didn't leave her spot in her room. Yes, I prepared a room for her and BaiBai, thought they can play and live together, now seems like BaiBai needs to be with us for a while more.

This morning, I opened the room door, I saw her curled up against the wall, I couldn't figure out whether she took some of her food or not at all. I hope she did. She refused to walk downstair to the yard to do her business, we had to carry her and put her on the grass. And after that, carried her up to her room, again she curled herself up against the wall when I last saw her before I came to office.

I hope she will be fine with us soon. I hope she will be brave like her (new) name.


  1. very noble of u to adopt :)

    hope dagger will ease up soon!

  2. You are right. My doggie looks so much like your Dagger. Glad that you adopt Dagger. So adorable. Their eyes are nearly the same. Trying to tell us something, right? Haha!