Friday, October 17, 2008

Deeparaya dinner @ Cyberview Lodge Resort

At first we (the social committee) wanted to book the venue at the pool side, but someone confirmed the booking earlier than us in the morning of the same day we confirmed our booking, so we ended up having the dinner at the Cindai ballroom.

Hotel staffs were preparing a wedding dinner at the pool side that evening.

Cindai ballroom.

Adeline, me & Shoba.

We arrived there very early before the dinner started, so went around to check out the food.

Cold dish.

Soup - we have changed the Salmon cream soup to Vegetarian Shark Fin soup, but they still serve the soup with bread and butter :|


Other pastries.


And dinner started!

Ladies first.

We have few hot dishes customized/changed to vegetarian dish - Vegetarian Green Curry, Loh Hun Vegetables, Nasi Dhall, and Dauphinois Potato. All tasted very good. I love especially the Dauphinois Potato, it's like a vegetarian lasagna (or it became a replacement for chicken lasagna for me), lovely.

But I didn't like the Vegetarian Shark Fin soup, Maya Hotel did it better :p

The dinner ended rather early, before 9PM. We were first to come, but last to leave, and I ta-pau some food back for mum at home. Many of us packed some food back, but there were still a lot of food left over :( Next time shouldn't have buffet style, table dinners seem to have less left over food.


  1. shoba u are the prettiest! most beautiful star!

  2. Cyberview lodge is such a beautiful place to hold an event, esp at the lawn. My Brother had his wedding reception there too, although my Dad disagreed at 1st, but changed his mind after he saw the place.

    Food was great too!

    p/s the pic of you three gurls looked great! :)