Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Generous bank

Yesterday went to CIMB bank @ Permas Jaya branch, while waiting at the teller for some approval, the bank official came out from his room and told us "Kak sila makan kuih raya di sana ya" (Please have some festive cookies over there), pointing at one corner in the bank.

So generous~ Can we have higher rates in our FDs instead? :D


  1. wah why so nice one?

    ada jamuan meh?

    i prefer higher FD rate also..

  2. At Balakong Perodua service center, they provide breakfast. I think it is only for a specific duration; like until ?? until 10.30am...not sure. But that had donuts, curry puffs, nasi lemak and DIY coffee. The variety surprised me!

  3. Wah so good, Honda SS2 only got coffee machine :p

  4. Honda Puchong has plain water dispenser also, in addition to the coffee machine. -- well you will soon find out i guess since you are moving to puchong.